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You, Multi-Dimensional? How Can That Be?

by on Dec.05, 2013, under Dreamtime Dream Interpretation

Hi Dreamers,

I wanted to share what I have learned about interpreting dreams and my Dreamtime Method to inspire you to learn to interpret your own dreams. As you take the time to do this, you’ll discover that you are made of  “Multi-Dimensional Energy” and not just a physical “Being”  of the 3rd-dimension.  Awesome stuff to learn about yourself!

Dreamers, my accurate and award-Winning Dreamtime Method is an easy-to-do, logical, step-by-step process where you learn to “think” of your dream symbols just as your DreamSelf Within does, the non-physical, multi-dimensional part of you from within  that creates your dreams.

Learning to “think” of your dream symbols just as the part of your own Self within that creates them gives you an absolutely accurate interpretation of your dream. This is because you are getting your  interpretation from the horse’s mouth, so to say! You understand your dreams the same way as your DreamSelf Within, the part of you within that  creates them!

In sharing my story of how I learned to interpret my dreams using my Dreamtime Method “as a way of thinking”,  it created a vast opening of consciousness within me. The reason that this will also happen for you is because once you learn to interpret your dream symbols consciously and to connect the information and guidance to your everyday life, the awareness you attain within unlimits you! As you interpret your dreams and bring into your everyday Self and life the unlimited consciousness of your DreamSelf Within, you transform into that expanded awareness and become it right here in the third dimension!

As you open your inner dream door, you become the alchemist and the conscious creator of your three-dimensional life. Thus you take what seems ordinary in your everyday life and understand it as something extraordinary. As you interpret your dreams consciously and connect their guidance to your daily life, you stop looking at yourself and your life only through the three-dimensional keyhole of your current, waking reality. You open your multi-dimensional dream door which makes available to you the wealth of unlimited knowledge and information that is you and your DreamSelf Within.

But just how do you start on this exciting journey of interpreting your dreams consciously as you travel from your inside-out? You begin at the beginning!  That means, beginning with the first step of the Dreamtime Method. Understanding the foundation of which we are all made, which is “Multi-Dimensional Energy”.

Copyright: Excerpt: Dreamtime Dream Interpretation Chapter 1    Author: Terri Ullstrup    www.dreaminterpretation.com


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