Accepting Your Whole Multi-Dimensional Self Within


Hi Dreamers,

Here’s some food for thought when interpreting your dreams accurately by using the Dreamtime Method and then deciding how to understand and accept what your dream is communicating to you.

When you have fascinating, desirable, positive dreams and fun fulfilling experiences in your waking everyday three-dimensional life, it is easy to imagine your dream energy as being something that you have drawn to you by consciously creating it. But what happens when you have a dream and/or situations occurring in your everyday life that either you don’t like or that you could never imagine that you would create?

As I learned to interpret my dreams and realized the multi-dimensional truth that my dreams and all of the third- dimension was an extension of me (created aspects coming from my multi-dimensional Self within), I often felt confused. In consciously understanding my dreams, I came to understand and accept that they were an energy from within me that was creating my life. I knew this because as I used my Dreamtime Methid (interpreted my  dream symbols as though each symbol was a physical aspect and ability of myself), my dream interpretations were always accurate, reflecting what was going on within my life.

But how could my dreams and my subsequent created three-dimensional life, when they contained bad things, people or circumstances that I didn’t like, really be being created and coming from me? And if this was true, how was I to accept and deal with that which I didn’t like, as my own multi-dimensional energy?

Copyright: Dreamtime Dream Interpretation – Opening To Your Spiritual Sight Within Author: Terri Ullstrup


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