Hey Awesome, Multi-Dimensional You!

Hi Dreamers!

Do you understand how really awesome you are and how your dreams that you dream every night are creating your everyday, physical life? It’s a deep thought and it’s true!

You are not only a Being of the 3rd Dimension, but a Being of many Dimensions within. Your dreams are not only how your inner DreamSelf within “talks” to you here in the 3rd dimension, but the actual energy that goes on in your next day after dreaming your dream to be the energy that is your three-dimensional, eveyday Self and life!

Want to know how this actually happens? Please take a quick look at my Dream Interpretation Video on my home page. Then if interested in learning more, stick around and come with me!

Interpreting Animal & Insect Dreams Using the Dreamtime Method of Dream Interpretation

Hi Dreamers, Dreamers, another very common dream theme that I see frequently in dreams involve the dreamer dreaming about animals, insects, or non-human creatures. What does this mean since it is so common? I’ll now use the Dreamtime Method to interpret the following non-human creature dream. Dear Dreamtime, I had a dream where there were snakes and spiders… Continue Reading

Dreaming of Death – Death Dream Interpreted Using the Dreamtime Method of Dream Interpretation

Hi Dreamers, Another common dream theme I see frequently is “death.” Death dream themes are very common and usually are not to be taken literally. I will now use the Dreamtime Method to interpret the following Death Dream. Dear Dreamtime, I dreamed I was in a darkly lit room. Someone told me that my father haddied. I… Continue Reading

Cleansing Dream Interpreted using the Dreamtime Method of Dream Interpretation

Hi Dreamers, In my last post to you, I spoke about the Full Moon and your dreams. I discussed how you will see a lot of cleansing symbols in your dreams with the energy of a Full Moon. Here’s Cleansing Dream interpreted using the Dreamtime Method of Dream Interpretation. Dear Dreamtime, I am female and… Continue Reading

Interpreting Nightmare Dreams using the Dreamtime Method of Dream Interpretation

Interpreting Nightmare Dreams Hi Dreamers, I often see the common dream theme of a “nightmare.” A nightmare dream can be defined as any dream that frightens you. It can involve death and dying, being chased, or anything one considers scary and frightening. Usually with nightmares (a dream that is frightening), you need to be made… Continue Reading