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How To Remember Your Dreams


Dream Techniques for Remembering Your Dreams

Hi,our  I’m Terri Ullstrup, Author of Award Winning: Dreamtime Dream Interpretation – Opening to Your Spirirtual Sight Within.

 When I tell people that I interpret dreams, inevitably someone will say to me, “I don’t remember my dreams. What can I do to remember them?” In this blog, I am going to share the tried and true methods I have discovered for remembering dreams. I have tested these methods on myself and others throughout the years . . . and they work!

 When you are not remembering your dreams at all, or just remembering dream fragments, you usually are not bringing your dreams through to your three-dimensional Self consciously. Here is an easy exercise that will assist you in recalling and remembering your dreams:

 Either sit on your bed before you go to sleep or once you are in bed and say to yourself: “Tonight I will have a great dream that I will remember, understand, and write down, whose advice I will follow, as it easily and effortlessly creates my tomorrow.”

 Say this out loud to yourself three times. Saying this out loud to yourself grounds your non-physical dream energy mentally and physically putting into motion the process of communicating to your DreamSelf  (the part of you within that creates your dreams for you) that you want to remember your dream.

 I know this sounds simple, but this exercise works and will allow you to realize that  it is easy to have a conscious two-way communication between you and your Multi-dimensional DreamSelf! Tell your DreamSelf what you want to do and it will be happy  you are making contact. Your DreamSelf will respond and do what you have asked it to do! If you do this exercise to remember your dreams, you will find that it works, the reason being is that you are your DreamSelf Within and in command of your  life! To increase the future  possibility that you will remember your dreams, after doing this exercise and receiving your remembered dream from your DreamSelf, make sure you write your dream down!

 Another technique to use, if you don’t have a dream you remember, is to say to yourself after waking up the next morning, “Today, I will have a trigger  in my day that will help me recall my dream of last night.” A trigger can be any three-dimensional energy in your physical day that will connect you in that day to the dream symbol energy of the previous night that you have not remembered.

 An example of this may be that when you wake up in the morning, your dream energy seems very close as you were just dreaming. However you can’t remember anything. What to do? Ask your waking physical Self  for a “dream symbol trigger” of your dream as your day goes on.

 How this would then play out in your day may be that you have gone to work, are in your office . . . you look out the window and see a red car driving down the street. Suddenly after seeing the red car drive by, you recall that in your dream last night you were riding in a red car!

The red car is the “dream symbol trigger” that reminded you of the dream you  had last night. But how and why does this happen?

 The reason people get dream symbol triggers in their their three-dimensional days after dreaming that remind them of a specific dream is because your dream symbols are creating the energy of your everyday physical life!  Most people in their waking reality think they live out their day and then go to sleep at night and dream. It’s really just the opposite! You Multi-Dimensionally dream first and then wake up to your created three-dimensional Self with your dream symbols and the information/energy of them being the actual energy that is creating your every-day physical life.  In understanding this, your dreams not only tell you what is going on in your life, but as your own “multi-dimensional energy” from within, attracts in to your next day and days after dreaming them similar three-dimensional, physical energy to provide the solution for whatever your dream is addressing. It is in this way that your Multi-Dimensional dreams and DreamSelf create your everyday, three-dimensional Self and life.   This also means that programming a “dream symbol trigger” in your next day after dreaming your dream to help you remember your dream works, so give it a try!

 Excerpt taken from: Dreamtime Dream Interpretation – Opening to Your Spiritual Sight Within by Terri Ullstrup