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Interpreting a “Sex Dream” Using the Dreamtime Method of Dream Interpretation

Hi Dreamers, A dream theme that I interpret all the time and this is very common and that I always receive questions about is what I call the “sex” dream theme. Sex dreams occur all the time, but people can feel very uncomfortable talking about them or trying to understand what they mean. I will… Continue Reading

Interpreting Repeat or Recurrent Dreams Using the Dreamtime Method of Dream Interpretation

  Hi Dreamers, I will begin with a common dream theme that I interpret in dreams all of the time. This is the recurring or “repeat” dream theme. A recurring or repeat dream is when you dream the same dream over and over again with the same dream symbols. Recurring and repeat dream themes can occur night after… Continue Reading

Inquire Within: Interpret Your Dreams/Get Answers/Transform Your Life

Hi Dreamers, I recently saw a Bumper-Sticker the other day that said:  InQuire Within. I though that was so cool and it made me think that saying, “Inquire Within” would be a good way to describe what you are doing when you interpret your dreams. Why you are “inquiring within” your own Self! Within you are all… Continue Reading

What Does My Dream Mean?

Hi Dreamers, Interested in your Dreams? Hi, I’m Terri Ullstrup, Author of Dreamtime Dream Interpretation. My Award-Winning Dreamtime Dream Interpretation book teaches you the easy to do and accurate Dreamtime Method to interpret your dreams. Here’s some quick information about the Dreamtime Method. The Dream Method is the “Multi-Dimensional” Thinking Approach to accurate dream interpretation.… Continue Reading

Tell Me about Your Dream Last Night & I’ll Tell You Who You Are

Hi Dreamers, Tell me about your dream last night an I’ll tell you who you are. How can I do that? Your Multi-Dimensional dreams you have everynight are creating your everyday, physical life, so that’s why knowing what your dream means, tells you about you. Your dreams come from a non-physical dimension of your own… Continue Reading

Freedom From Fear

Hi Dreamers, What you are really doing as you “own” all of the dimensions of yourself within (i.e., your everyday three-dimensional Self and the non-physical dimensions of yourself within, which are your dreams) is consciously bringing to your awareness your already created whole multi-dimensional Self. an this is excellent news for you and your life!… Continue Reading

The Triangle for Transforming–Your Magic Wand Within

Figure 7.1 Triangle Hi Dreamers,                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Over the years, I have come to understand that learning how to consciously interpret your dreams is only one-half of your dream work. Following your dream advice and owning your dreams and subsequent created three-dimensinal life is another! AsI consciously began to realize that my dreams were creating my three-dimensional… Continue Reading

Accepting Your Whole Multi-Dimensional Self Within

  Hi Dreamers, Here’s some food for thought when interpreting your dreams accurately by using the Dreamtime Method and then deciding how to understand and accept what your dream is communicating to you. When you have fascinating, desirable, positive dreams and fun fulfilling experiences in your waking everyday three-dimensional life, it is easy to imagine… Continue Reading