Dreamtime Dream Interpretation – Interpreting Your Dream Symbols Using the Dreamtime Method

 Figure 3.5


Hi Dreamers,

Now that we have in a previous post, interpreted our first dream symbol of a “house,” to mean me, my physical body, and my three-dimensional life (you, your physical body, and your three-dimensional life), as we continue learning the Dreamtime Method to interpret each of your dream symbols, how might we interpret the rooms in the house you are now in in your dream?

 Since a “house” as a dream symbol from my DreamSelf’s perspective and thinking represents me or myself, could the different rooms in the house in my dream be symbolizing different parts of myself and my everyday life?

To find out, let’s imagine that in my dream I now am in the living room of the house. I will use the Dreamtime Method to interpret what the dream symbol of a “living room” of a house means.

Thinking as my DreamSelf Within does, I take the normal physical, three-dimensional definition and understanding of a “living room” of a house. The definition of a living room is usually thought of as the “center” of a house. I then think of its meaning as my DreamSelf Within thinks, which is as though the dream symbol of a “living room”  is now a “physical aspect, power, and ability” of my own three-dimensional energy within.

As I think of myself as being the energy of a three-dimensonal living room and  imagine myself now as the “center” of a house, the interpretation that I get from “thinking” as my DreamSelf Within does is that with the dream symbol of a “living room,” my DreamSelf wants to communicate information to me that is now at the center of my (and its) three-dimensional Self and life.

How I intuit that this interpretation is correct and how I came to this understanding is because I already know from using the Dreamtime Method that a house from my DreamSelf symbolizes me. So, if a house symbolizes me and my life, the living room of a three-dimensional house is its center, then the intrpretation of a living room from my DreamSelf is communicating information to me that is at the “center” of me and my three-dimensional life.

Now look at figure 3.5 attached. As you can see illustrate in figure 3.5, a living room being perceived by my DreamSelf as “the center” of my (and its) three-dimensional life is absolutely accurate in its interpretation. This interpretation is correct because from my DreamSelf’s 10th dimensional perspective, “the place” where it lives, its “house” so to speak, is within the slower vibrating energy of its three-dimensional Self, which is me, my physical body, and my life.

This understanding correspondingly means that the “center” of my DreamSelf’s “house,” its “living room” so to speak, is then within the “center” of my three-dimensiona lSelf and life.

With the dream symbol of a “living room” of a house, my DreamSelf Within is communicating information that is central and at the center of what is happening in my everyday three-dimensional life. To give you an example of why my DreamSelf may have communicated the dream symbol of a “living room” of a house by my actual dream of being in a living room could be that possibly I have been distracted by extraneous issues going on outside of myself and life. In this dream, my “living room” dream symbol is symbolizing and communicating this “central” issue to me, the fact that I am focusing elsewhere in my everyday living versus within the “center” of myself and life.

The reason your DreamSelf uses every day, three-dimensional objects and events as dream symbols to communicate to you is because it knows that you, its three-dimensional Self are most familair in waking reality with the physical world. Your DreamSelf Within knows that by giving you everyday three-dimensional objects and events as dream symbols, you will intuitively know what the three-dimensional definition  and understanding” means and will realize what it is trying to say to you!

Now in the example of the dream symbol of the living room, was the “living room” in your house clean, large, and spacious? These descriptions of the living room can be interpreted to mean that within you right now, you feel clear (clean) about your life, you feel unlimited (large) and very open (spacious) regarding the central issues going within you and your three-dimensional life (the house). Or was the living room in your dream darkly lit? This would symbolize that at the center of your life right now (the living room), you have low awareness and energy (i.e., the living room being darkly lit with low light). This gives you an idea of how the basic interpretation of a dream symbol will remain constant and how you should then add the descriptions attached to your dream symbol to get a deeper understanding of information being communicated to you by your DreamSelf.

Copyright – Excerpt taken from Chapter 3: Dreamtime Dream Interpretation – Opening to Your Spirital Sight Within

Author: Terri Ullstrup                                                                                                                                    www.dreaminterpretation.com



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