Dream Interpretation Using the Dreamtime Method!

Hi Dreamers,

Dreamers, here’s a dream interpreted using the Dreamtime Method!

Dear Dreamtime,

I dreamed I was walking through my house and discover additional rooms in the house. They are large and spacious and I’m really jazzed about it. I think, wow, I didn’t know I had these rooms in my house and it looks great. Can you tell me what this dream means?

Dear Dreamer,

Thank you for submitting your dream for to me to interpret. As I begin, here’s some quick information about the Dreamtime Method. The Dream Method is not Freudian, Jungian or analytical. It is an easy to do and learn common-sensical approach that teaches you how to interpret your dreams from the perspective of the part of you within that creates them. I call this your inner heart, which is your non-physical, multi-dimensional DreamSelf Within.

Your Multi-Dimensional DreamSelf (and dreams) originate from the faster vibrating, non-physical 10th-Dimensional energy of your own Self within. As your non-physical (10th-dimensional) energy slows down it vibration, it then becomes “physical” transforming into you and your everyday life in the 3rd dimension. Your Spiritual DreamSelf “thinks” it is the creator of you and your everyday life in the physical world, because as your (and its) non-physical energy slows down in vibration, it becomes physical transforming into the three-dimensional “you” of your everyday life!

Understanding the above, your DreamSelf  “thinks and communicates” each of your dream symbols as though they are an “aspect” or “part” of your everyday, three-dimensional life. Your DreamSelf thinks in this way because the 3rd-dimension, the physical world, is the slower-moving energy  of you and your 10th-dimensional DreamSelf. That means that as I interpret a dream using the Dreamtime Method, I explain each dream symbol as though it is an aspect or part of your everyday life. This understanding then gives you an absolutely accurate interpretation of your dream.

In this dream, your DreamSelf is communicating that you are in your house and as you are walking around you discover additional rooms that are large and spacious. This discovery gives you excitement and energy.

Using the Dreamtime Method, I start by taking the everyday definition of a “house”. The everyday definition of a “house” is a physical place where one lives.

Your inner, non-physical DreamSelf  “lives” within you and your physical body in your everyday life. That means that “you and your everyday life” in the 3rd-dimension are being “thought” by your DreamSelf as its “physical house”, so to say. So in giving you the dream symbol of a house (in your dream), your DreamSelf is communicating an issue that is now going on within you, your physical Self and everyday life. A “house” as a dream symbol then means: you and your everyday life.

As you walk through your house, you discover additional rooms that you didn’t know where there. The dream action of walking through the house (yourself) and discovering the additional rooms is you, as you are now “walking” through your life discovering additional parts and aspects of your own Self  that you really didn’t know existed. These additonal rooms (parts of yourself) are now offering you hope and excitement for an expanded and greater life!

To get a deeper understanding of what the additional rooms you are now discovering that are giving you excitement means, I would look at what you may now be doing in your everyday living where you feel you can see an expanded vision for yourself.  I then feel you will have the answer to what this important dream is communicating to you.

Your dreams not only tell you what’s going on in your life (once you interpret them), but as your own non-physical, 10th-dimensional energy from within go on to attract into your next day and days after dreaming your dream, similar three-dimensional, physical energy to provide the solution for whatever your dream is addressing. It is in this way that your 10th-dimension dreams “create” your everyday, three-dimensional Self and life. Understanding the above, I would now look for the energy, information (and pathway) to be available to you to use your creativity in expanded ways that up until now, you may have not even  thought of.

Your non-physical, 10th-dimensional DreamSelf that creates your dreams for you is not separate from you! Your DreamSelf is the same “you” that lives within you during waking reality.  Your non-physical, multi-dimensional DreamSelf is, however, an unlimited, supernatural part of yourself within that knows and has access to all things! That means that your DreamSelf knows exactly what you need to do in your life to be whole and fulfilled from within. You can trust its advice!

Please e-mail me back when you get this and let me know if there is anything that you did not understand of how I used the Dreamtime Method to interpret your dream. Thank you again for submitting your dream for interpretation and good dreaming!

Terri Ullstrup/www.dreaminterpretation.com

*Let’s see what the dreamer had to say about what I had interpreted for them:

Dear Terri,

After I had this dream, it left me with wistful feeling of what it possibly could be like if I actually did have a house like the one in my dream. After reading your dream interpretation, I was floored with how you explained it because I am now moving in a new direction with work that I wasn’t really sure was the right way for me. By that I mean, it’s kind of out of the realm of what I normally do and I wasn’t sure if I could do it and pull it off and be successful at it.

If what you are saying about my dream is correct (which relates too much to what is going on in my life not to be), all this should not only work out, but possibly be the vision I have of where I want to go with my life. It’s almost like the part of the dream where I find the extra rooms and space and am so jazzed about is the new work I am now stretching myself to do!

Thank you for not only interpreting this dream,  but then how you related it so correctly to my life. I find that unbelievable that my dreams are not just a fantasy, but relate to myself and life. That’s very mystical and something I need to think further about. I like how easily you explained this dream to me and now want to learn your method to do it myself!




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