Dreaming of Other People and Interpreting What They Mean Using the Dreamtime Method

Figure 3.11

Hi Dreamers,

Now that you are getting the gist of how to use the easy to do and understand Dreamtime Method to interpret common dream symbols as we have done in previous blogs, what does it man when you dream of other people that you may know in your dreams?

People always ask me, what does it mean when I dream of other people that I know in my everyday life?” Considering  this question, I’ll answer it by using the Dreamtime Method.

I’ll do this by having you imagine now that I am stepping out of the dream house in my dream from my previous blogs and, as I do, I see a female friend who I know in my everyday living standing on the street.

In interpreting the above dream symbol of a “female friend” who I know in my waking reality, from a previous blog using the Dreamtime Method to interpret the dream symbol of a woman, I have understood this symbol to represent my own “female energy within” or my inner receptivity, creativity (talents and abilities), and intuition.

So to begin because of the fact that my friend is “female,” I’ll start interpreting this dream symbol with the understanding that my DreamSelf wants to communicate information to me regarding my own “female energy” within or my own inner receptivity, creativity and intuition.

As I use the Dreamtime Method to understand what may specifically be communicated to me by me seeing my female friend in my dream, I start by taking the “three-dimensional definition” I have of my friend.

To do this, I start by thinking about what, in my everyday living, I feel and associate with her and her own talents, abilities, and creativity (her female energy within). As I define my friend’s abilities, I feel that she is “very talented” and “highly successful” in her everyday life and career.

 I then think of this meaning/understanding as my DreamSelf Within thinks of it, which is as though the dream symbol of my “female friend” (and what I associate with her) is now a “physical aspect, power, and ability” of my own (female) energy that I possess from within.

 As I think of myself being the energy of my three-dimensional, physical “female friend” and imagine myself as now being “very successful with my own talents and abilities” (as she is), the interpretation that I get from “thinking” as my DreamSelf does is that with the dream symbol of my “female friend,” my DreamSelf is communicating information to me about my own creativity which I am to understand is exactly how I  feel about my friend’s creativity!

 This understanding means that with the dream symbol of my female friend, my DreamSelf is communicating information to me about whatever it is that I feel about her (= successful and talented) that this is how I should now be looking and understanding my own creativity within (my own female energy within).

I now want you to look at figure 3.11 attached. Illustrated within figure 3.11 along the outside outline of the form (as you already know!) is the faster vibrating non-physical energy of my 10th dimensional Self. As my DreamSelf’s inner energy slows down in vibration and becomes the third- dimension as viewed within the outline of the form, my DreamSelf accordingly perceives all of the energy of the third dimension as my (and its) everyday physical energy.

In looking at the third-dimension in this multi-dimensional way, my DreamSelf, in wanting to let me know that I should be looking at my inner creativity as though I am talented an successful, creates the drea symbol of my female friend.                                                                

The reason that my DreamSelf does this is because it knows that I, its three-dimensional Self, will automatically associate and intuit my female friend’s “female energy” with my own “female energy” (my inner creativity) and her “being successful” with myself “being successful.”

 Understanding this, the illustration in figure 3.11 is absolutely correct and  accurate in its interpretation!  And, with the dream symbol of my female friend, my DreamSelf is communicating in my dream that it wants to me to perceive my creativity and talents just as I do my friend’s, which is of great value!

Now that we have interpreted the meaning of a “female friend” who you know from your everyday living using the Dreamtime Method, remember to go to your Dreamtime Dream Dictionary page and write this dream symbol down. Write your female friend’s name and, next to it, write the Dreamtime interpretation that we have just come up with.

Female friend (name) = A communication from my DreamSelf regarding how I should be perceiving my own talents, abilities, and creativity (my female energy) that is exactly as my friend’s.

Now every time in future dreams when you dream of this female friend, you will always associate this interpretation with her. This also then means that when dreaming of other people that you know from your waking reality, the only time your specific dream interpretation meaning will change is when your own feelings and associations about that person changes and you should then interpret them accordingly!

Remember, whether you are a male dreaming of a female or a female dreaming of a male that you know in waking reality, the way that you interpret the dream symbol of someone that you know is to:

Decide if they are male or female. If the person you are dreaming about is “male,” you are looking at your own “male energy” within or your three-dimensional ability to “act and take action” within your physical Self and life.

If the person you are dreaming about is “female,” you are looking at your own “female energy” within or your three-dimensional ability to be “receptive, creative, and intuitive” within your physical Self and your life.

You then add in to the above meaning whatever you think, feel, and associate specifically with that person. Then understand that the dream symbol of the “other person” is to be interpreted as whatever you feel and associate with them, that those “same qualities” they possess are what you are, and should be seeing that you possess similarly within yourself.  This understanding means that the dream is about you not the person you are dreaming about!

When you have the dream symbol of someone else that you know in your “waking reality” in your dream, it’s easy to get trapped into thinking that the dream is about him or her. But your dream and dream energy is a “supernatural communication”  from your own inner DreamSelf that originates from within you!  That means that all of your dream symbols mirror your energy within, not someone else’s. You need to uderstand that your dream and its content is about you and not the person you are dreaming about!

In the example of our female friend above, the communication from my DreamSelf was saying that I needed to look at my creativity as “valuable and successful.” But what if you dreamed of a male friend, for example, who you know in your everyday living that you consider a “deadbeat” type of guy? In this instance, your dream symbol of the dead-beat male person is communicating from your DreamSelf: Your male energy within (he in the dream being male) which is symbolizing and representing (=) your ability to act and take action within your Self and your life. He being a “dead-beat type” in waking reality is suggesting that you are now exhibiting (and mirroring) the dead-beat traits exactly like the man in your dream regarding your ability “to act and take action” within your everyday Self and life.

The above interpretation of the dead-beat male in your dream provides another example of how you are to interpret “other people” that you know in everyday living when you dream of them. The formula for interpreting “other people” that you see in your dream holds true whether you are dreaming of celebrities, famous people, parents, your kids, or whomever from your three-dimensional life. Whatever you feel, associate, and think about the other people in your dream is what you are seing that is similarly within yourself!

Remember, the reason your DreamSelf uses other people that you know from waking reality as dream symbols to communicate to you is that your 10th-dimensional DreamSelf  looks at all physical energy of the third-dimension as its own (slowed down) physical energy which multi-dimensionally, it is! This means that all energies of the third-dimension are really created aspects of you and that you are just learning this multi-dimensional fact by using the Dreamtime Method to interpret your dreams!

Interpreting “other people” seems to be one of the most difficult aspects for people to understand when they first start interpreting their dreams. When you interpret “other people” in your dream as though they are mirroring the energy of yourself within (which they are!), this will become easier and easier for you to understand.

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