Dreamtime Dream Interpretation – The Automatic Nature of Your Dream Symbols

Hi Dreamers,

Something that you will notice as you become familiar with the Dreamtime Method and interpret your dream symbols is that once you have interpreted a dream symbol and its meaning, that understanding and definition will always be the meaning you will use to interpret and relate to your specific dream symbol.

A “house” as a dream symbol meaning you, your physical body, and life  will always be the interpretaton you should use  in any future dreams when the dream symbol of a house presents itself. So the good news in interpreting your dream symbols is that once you have interpreted a dream symbol’s meaning, it will always refer to and have that specific generic meaning and understandinging in any of your future dreams!

Your descriptions surrounding your dream symbol (as in our dream symbol example of the house) may vary, but a “house” as a dream symbol will always be communicating information to you about you and your everyday, physical life.

 The “other” good news regarding your dream symbols is that the more that you interpret them in your dreams, the interpretation you arrive at for any specific dream symbol will then become automatic within you. The reason this happens as you interpret your dreams is because you are erasing the invisable layers between your 10th dimensional  DreamSelf and your everyday Self in the third dimension.

Remember, as you interpret your dreams, you raise your physical vibration in the third-dimension to that of your 10th dimensional Self becoming your DreamSelf’s consciousness witin your everyday Self and life. By using the Dreamtime Method and learning to interpret your dreams, you become unlimited and all-knowing just as your DreamSelf Within.

Copyright Excerpt taken from Chapter 3: Dreamtime Dream Interpretation – Opening to Your Spiritual Sight Within

Author: Terri Ullstrup                                                                                                         www.dreaminterpretation.com




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