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Hi Dreamers,

I recently saw a Bumper-Sticker the other day that said:  InQuire Within. I though that was so cool and it made me think that saying, “Inquire Within” would be a good way to describe what you are doing when you interpret your dreams. Why you are “inquiring within” your own Self!

Within you are all the answers. Your dreams are a communication from “you” in your Spiritual, non-physical, multi- dimensional form (the 10th dimension to be exact)  to the “you” in your physical 3-dimensional, everyday life. Your dreams are the energy, by the way, that is creating your life too, so wouldn’t they be good information to understand?

It’s almost like the 10th-Dimensional You (who creates your dreams for you, which I call your DreamSelf) is not congruent with the 3-Dimensional “you” in your everyday life and that is why it must communicate through what we call “dreams”.  It’s almost like you and your life in the 3rd-dimension has been forgotten by your 10th-Dimensional Self. Maybe this was the way the plan was to go for awhile????

I do know that this “incongruency” between your 10th-Dimensional Dreamself and you in the 3rd-Dimension is being remedied by a rare planetary alignment occurring right now of the Milky Way Galaxy, our amazing Sun and our beautiful Earth. (It is also pictured for you on the cover of my book, Dreamtime Dream Interpretation).

In the rare planetary alignment occurring now, the Milky Way Galaxy symbolizes your 10th-Dimensional DreamSelf (who creates your dreams for you). The sun is the access path and the Earth, is symbolizing “the you” now in the 3rd-Dimension. As these planets align, you align with your DreamSelf and then magically that is why you now have an interest in your dreams!

This means that you’ve not been forgotten anymore and the planetary alignment (it occurs only once every 27,000 years) is reminding you that you are not just a Being of the 3rd-dimension. That you are now opening you up to the full, planetary power of of your Creative and Divine Self, (your DreamSelf Within), right here in the 3rd dimension! Very cool, very cool and very powerful. A great time to be alive!

Want to learn more about how to easily (and I mean easily) and quickly learn what your dreams mean so that you can take advantage of your 10th-Dimensional Self’s extraordinary power and energy right here in the 3rd-Dimension? Come with me now to and purchase my Dreamtime Dream Interpretation Book in print or E-Book form. You’ll never regret it because you’ll never regret learning more about yourself. Why? Because you are an extraordinary Multi-Dimensional Being and you will quickly understand that as you learn to interpret your dreams!


Terri Ullstrup/

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