Interpreting a “Sex Dream” Using the Dreamtime Method of Dream Interpretation

Hi Dreamers,
A dream theme that I interpret all the time and this is very common and that I always receive questions about is what I call the “sex” dream theme. Sex dreams occur all the time, but people can feel very uncomfortable talking about them or trying to understand what they mean. I will now give you an example of a “sex dream” and how you should interpret this “action/symbol” in your dreams using the Dreamtime Method.

Dear Dreamtime,
I have had a repeat dream of having intercourse with an old boyfriend. I am
happily married now to a great guy and am increasingly worried about this.
Can you help and tell me what this means?

Dear Dreamer,
Whenever you have a recurring dream, there is one of two issues going on within
your life. You are either consciously understanding what the dream communication is telling you and not making the necessary changes in your life. Or you do not understand what the dream is communicating to you and your DreamSelf Within is giving you the same dream theme over and over again until you understand what it means.

In this dream, your DreamSelf Within is communicating that within your current
thinking and thoughts creating your now . . . you are having intercourse with your old boyfriend.

Within each of us are two types of energy, male and female. Your “male energy”
is that part of you within that is your ability to act in life and to take action. Your male energy as a dream symbol is always represented by the image/figure of a man or men in your dream. Your “female energy” is that other half of you within which is your intuition, the doorway to your talents, abilities, and creativity. Your female energy as a dream symbol is always represented by the image/figure of a female or females in your dream.

The three-dimensional definition of sexual intercourse can be defined as the physical merger of a male and a female’s energy. Sexual intercourse as a dream symbol of communication from your DreamSelf multi-dimensionally symbolizes the merger within you of your own “male energy” (your inner ability to act and take action in your life) with your own inner “female energy” (your intuition, creativity, talents, and abilities).

In this dream, you were having intercourse with your old boyfriend. When you
dream of other people that you know in waking reality, whatever you feel and associate with them is what you are looking at within yourself. In other words, it is like looking into a mirror. The other people that you are dreaming about in the dream are reflecting back to you the aspects and abilities of what you associate with them that you possess similarly within yourself. In understanding this, it means that the dream information being communicated to you in your dream from your DreamSelf regarding them is actually about you, not them.

From the above definitions of male and female energy and what it means when you
dream of other people who you know in waking reality, your old boyfriend is symbolizing your own previously created male energy within or how you “took action” in your life in the past. You did not tell me what you felt and associated with your old boyfriend. If what you felt about him when you dated him was positive or if he was a man of action who took definitive direction in and with his life, then your DreamSelf is saying you need now to take similar action in your life to merge (the act of intercourse with your boyfriend) your
many talents and abilities (your female energy within) to create a new “you.”

If your old boyfriend was indecisive and not an action man, then your inner
guidance, your DreamSelf, is saying that right now you are being indecisive and not taking any action to use your creativity in your life as symbolized by you having intercourse (merging energies) with your old boyfriend (his/your old indecisive ways). Since only you know what your old boyfriend was like in the past, you will have to fill in the blanks of what type of action you are now similarly taking in your everyday life.

Your dreams not only tell you what’s going on in your life, but as your own “multi-dimensional energy” from within attracts into your next day and days after dreaming your dream similar three-dimensional (physical energy) to provide the solution for whatever your dream is addressing. It is in this way that your dreams create your everyday, three-dimensional Self and your life.

In understanding the above, I would look in your next day(s) after dreaming this
dream for circumstances (the energy) to become available for you to take some “new
action” regarding the use of your inner talents, abilities, and creativity to create a totally new direction for you and your life.

Please e-mail me back when you get this and let me know if there is anything that
you did not understand of how I used the Dreamtime Method to interpret your dream.
Thank you again for submitting your dream for interpretation and good dreaming!
Terri Ullstrup

Here’s the Dreamer’s response to the above Sex Dream interpretation:
Dear Terri,
What relief I had in reading your interpretation as I thought there was some
unresolved issue going on with my old boyfriend! I do need to take some
action in a decisive way with some creative work I have been thinking about
doing for years. My old boyfriend was a “doer” in life, so your dream
interpretation makes perfect sense when I think of it in that light. This
interpretation has really given me something to think about in moving ahead.
Thank you so much!

Excerpt: Dreamtime Dream Interpretation – Opening To Your Spiritual Sight Within Author: Terri Ullstrup

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