Interpreting Nightmare Dreams using the Dreamtime Method of Dream Interpretation

Interpreting Nightmare Dreams

Hi Dreamers,
I often see the common dream theme of a “nightmare.” A nightmare dream can be defined as any dream that frightens you. It can involve death and dying, being chased, or anything one considers scary and frightening.

Usually with nightmares (a dream that is frightening), you need to be made aware of something that is going on within your daily life or waking reality that requires your attention. This is why nightmare dreams are such an effective communication from your DreamSelf Within for creating change. Nightmares get your conscious
attention just as soon as you wake up!

Nightmare dreams can also become repeat dreams. Remember that nightmare dreams, just like all of our dreams, are a communication from your inner Self, your DreamSelf Within, that is information (and energy) about what’s actively going on within you and your everyday life, so you should pay close attention to them. In my next post to you, I’ll give a good dream interpretation example of a nightmare dream that was sent to me to be interpreted along with the dreamers response, so tune in again and don’t miss it. In the interim, have sweet dreams!

Terri Ullstrup


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