Interpreting Numbers Using the Dreamtime Method Part Two

Hi Dreamers,
In my last post from my Dreamtime Dream Interpreation Blog, I used the Dreamtime Method to show you how to interpret numbers as dream symbols when you experience them in your dreams. I interpreted the numbers 1 through 10. Here is an over-view of what the numbers 1 through 10 are communicating to you when you receive them as dream symbols and how you should interpret them:

1 = yourself
2 = the balance of yourself within
3 = the triangle of yourself within, your body, your mind and your Spirit
4 = the foundation of yourself and your life within
5 = a change going on within yourself and your life
6 = your inner Guidance, which is your DreamSelf Within
7 = a new cycle of vibrational energy going on within yourself and your life
8 = your ability to manifest and create in the physical, material world
9 = a completion going on within yourself and your life
10 = a higher octave of vibrational energy going on within you and your life

I’ll now add to my last post to show you how to figure out what your dream “number” symbols are communicating when the numbers are combined (or they are higher than the number 10).

Anytime that zeros are added to the basic numbers, it increases the power of the
original numerical interpretations given to you in your dream. For example, if you had a dream with the number 5,000, the dream symbol number 5,000 would interpret to mean: change (5) is coming into your life right now in a big way (the 3 zeros added to 5).

The number 90,000 for example, would indicate: a completion (9) in a very large and expansive way that is now taking place within you and your everyday life (the 4 zeros added to 9).

With numerals other than zeros added such as the number 1 added to the number
7 as in the number 17 for example, you reduce the sum of numbers to a single digit (1 + 7= 8). However, keep the “individual” number interpretation/meanings in mind. In our example of the number 17, consider the meaning of the individual number “1” (the Self or you) along with the meaning of the number “7” (a new cycle going on within you). But ultimately with the number 17, you should add the numbers together to get a single digit (1+ 7) or the number 8. The number 8 as a dream symbol interprets to mean that right now you (the number 1) are in a new cycle (the number 7) of material manifestation within
your Self and life (the number 8).

Now remember, when you get numbers in your dreams as dream symbols those “numbers” have as much vibratory power and significance as any of your everyday dream symbols. So pay attention to them and interpret them as an important dream communication from your All-Knowng DreamSelf Within!

Copyright: Excerpt from Dreamtime Dream Interpretation – Opening to Your Spiritual Sight Dreamtime_cover_wWheel_3d Within

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