Interpreting the Dream Symbol of a Woman using the Dreamtime Method of Dream Interpretation

Figure 3.10

Hi Dreamers,

Now that you understand the interpretation of the important universal dream symbol of a man from my last blog, let’s go on to imagine that I am still in the bathroom in my dream. But this time when I glance into the mirror, I see the image of a woman. What might the dream symbol of a “female” be communicating to me from my DreamSelf?

Using the Dreamtime Method, I start by taking the normal physical, three-dimensional definition and understanding for a “woman.”

The normal, physical definition of a woman is a human being that generally and generically in our everyday world we associate with the qualities of receptivity, creativity, intuition and nurturing. We usually can refer to a female as having a  “woman’s intuition”.   Thus the everyday generic definition of a woman (or women) that I will use to interpret this common dream symbol is “receptivity, creativity, and intuition.” I then think of this meaning as my DreamSelf Within thinks of it, that the dream symbol of the “woman” is now a “physical aspect, power, and ability” of my own three-dimensional energy that comes from within.

 As I think of myself as being the enegy of a three-dimensional, physical “woman”  and then imagine myself as now being “receptive, creative, and intuitive,” the interpretation that I get from “thinking” as my DreamSelf Within thinks is that my DreamSelf is communicating information to me about my three-dimensional power and ability to be receptive, creative, and intuitive within my everyday physical Self and life.

 Now look at figure 3.10 attached. Illustrated in figure 3.10 just outside the outline of the  form is the faster vibrating non-physical energy of my 10th dimensional Self. As myDreamSelf’s inner energy slows down in vibration and becomes the third dimension as viewed within the outline of the form, my DreamSelf accordingly perceives all of the  energy of the third dimension as my (and its) physical energy, which it is.

In desiring to communicate to me that it wants me to address my receptivity, creativity and intuition, my inner ability to be “female energy,” my DreamSelf creates the  dream symbol of a woman in my dream. My DreamSelf does this because the generic, everyday definition that we associate with a woman is receptivity, creativity, and intuition.

 My DreamSelf knows that I being its “three-dimensional Self” will associate this meaning for the dream symbol of a woman and intuitively understand what it is trying to say to me. In understanding this, the illustration in figure 3.10 is absolutely correct and accurate in its interpretation And, with the dream symbol of a “woman,” my DreamSelf is communicating to me in my dream that it wants to tell me information regarding my three-dimensional power and ability to be receptive, creative, and intuitive within my physical self and in my life.

Now is the woman in your dream attractive and popular? With these details, your DreamSelf is communicating to you that you now have a positive attitude (attractive, popular) regarding your talents, abilities, and creativity (= your female energy within). Or is the woman in your dream “unkempt,” indicating that you need to clean up the image you now have regarding your creativity within. Are there a lot of women in your dream, indicating that you have “multitudinous” creativity going on within your life? Once again, as you interpret your dream symbol of a woman or women in your dream, make sure when writing your dream symbol down to include the important details surrounding this common dream symbol as information to you!

Copyright: Dreamtime Dream Interpretation – Opening to Your Spiritual Sight Within  Excerpt: Chapter 3

Author: Terri Ullstrup




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