Interpreting Your Dream Sentences Using the Dreamtime Method of Dream Interpretation


Hi Dreamers,

A few blogs ago, you learned how to interpret individual common dream symbols using the Dreamtime Method of dream interpretation. It was fun, easy and most of all informative. You started to get the gist of how your Multi-Dimensional Spiritual  Self, your DreamSelf Within, communicates to you, your three-dimensional Self  through your dreams.

In my most previuos post to you, I showed you how to keep a Dream Journal. In the 2 previous dream journal posts, I said to write your dream down in the exact order that events occurred in your dream. The reason that I instructed you to do this is because that is how I will now teach you to interpret your dream symbols from your written dream sentences in your dream.

I begin my Dream Journal by writing the date of my dream. I then write my dream out as fully as I can remember in the order that events occurred in my dream. I will now start with my first dream sentence which is the following:

Dear Terri,

I dreamed I saw a man.

In interpreting this dream sentence, I next write:  My DreamSelf says that within my thinking and thoughts creating my now . . .

As I explained above when writing your dream down in your dream journal, writing this sentence out is purely optional, but I recommend it! The reason I recommend this when interpreting your own dreams is to remind you of where from within you your dream energy is originating (your DreamSelf Within) and that your thinking and thoughts are attracting to you the energy that is creating your everyday three-dimensional Self and life.

To interpret the above dream sentence, I start with the first words that I dreamed and then wrote which are:

I dreamed.

As you write out your dream communication with the words “I dreamed,” this dream phrase will always “generically interpret” to mean that your dream is going on “within your own Self and life right now.” The words             “I dreamed” are always to be understood and interpreted as something that   is going on or happening within you and your life right now.

I usually start my dream interpretation with the words  “I dreamed,” interpreting them to mean: “within myself” or “within Self.”

I dreamed = Within myself, within Self

The next word to be interpreted from our dream sentence is the word “saw.” To interpret “verbs” from your dream, you would use the Dreamtime Method just as you have learned in previous posts. You will start by taking the normal, everyday definition of the verb. The normal physical, three-dimensional definition and understanding of the verb “saw” could be thought of as: “my ability within ‘to see,’  I am now ‘seeing’ or ‘seeing within.’”

I then think of this definition meaning how my DreamSelf Within thinks of it, as though the dream symbol/verb of “seeing” is now a “physical aspect and ability” of my own three-dimensional energy that comes from within.

As I think of my own three-dimensional ability to “see” and imagine myself now doing the action of “seeing within,” the interpretation that I get from “thinking” as my DreamSelf Within does is that with the dream symbol/verb of “saw” (seeing), my DreamSelf wants to communicate information to me about my inner ability “to see” within my own three-dimensional Self and my life. That means that using the Dreamtime Method, the dream symbol/verb “saw” interprets to mean: “my own inner ability to ‘to see’ within myself and my three-dimensional life.”

I dreamed (within myself right now), I saw (am seeing)

In a previous post,  you have already learned, by using the Dreamtime Method, that the dream symbol interpretation of a “man” is: “my (your) ability to act and take action.” So I’ll now use that correct understanding. man = my ability to act and take action

I will now add all of our above Dreamtime dream interpretations together to get a “complete thought” of what my DreamSelf Within is communicating to me in the above dream sentence.

Our dream sentence interprets to mean:

I dreamed (within myself and my life right now) I saw (I am seeing) a man (my ability to act and take action). This dream sentence using the Dreamtime Method without the dream symbols added in then interprets to mean:

Within myself and my life right now, I am seeing my own ability to act and take action in my life.

As you can see in this dream sentence example: I wrote the dream sentence out as I dreamed it. (“I dreamed I saw a man.”)  Then starting with the first dream symbol, I used the Dreamtime Method to interpret the specific dream symbol. In parenthesis after each dream symbol I interpreted, I wrote the Dreamtime interpretation that I obtained. I then added those interpretations together to give myself the “whole thought” from the communication being given to me from my DreamSelf . . . which also gave me an absolutely accurate interpretation of my dream sentence.


As you can also see from the above example, by adding the dream interpretations/meanings together, you—being the person interpreting your dream—will be able to “intuit” how your dream meaning and interpretation relates to your life. With the above interpreted dream communication that in my life right now, I can see my ability to act, possibly I had been thinking of making “a change” in my everyday living situation.


This subsequent dream and its message confirmed that to me “consciously,” while also providing me the ability to attract in the three-dimensional energy that I needed to make “a change.”

I have found that most of the time the dream interpretation(s) people get when using the Dreamtime Method is something they already “know” because their dreams and the dream state mirrors (and is creating) their everyday three-dimensional lives.  The key when interpreting your dream symbols using the Dreamtime Method is to keep in mind that your dream symbols, as the “thoughts” of your all-knowing DreamSelf Within, not only tell and “relate,” but also, as your own multi-dimensional energy within, assist you to create!

Remember, your dream symbols as a communication from your DreamSelf not only gives you intelligent information and guidance for you and your life, but also, as  your own inner 10th dimensional “light energy” attracts in more and similar energy after dreaming them to provide the physical, three-dimensional way (energy) to accomplish whatever your dream is addressing.

Understanding this, in my above dream sentence example and its interpretation: “I am seeing my ability within to act in my life,” after dreaming this dream I would (and should) look in my next day and days for the way(s) to be available to take some “new and different action” in my everyday life. By interpreting my dream and becoming “consciously aware” of the need for me to make a change in my life, this information gave me the advantage in the days following the dream,  to act and take some action on situations and events going on within my life that I may have otherwise ignored, not taken action on, or thought of as being “coincidental.”

In other words, by consciously interpreting my dream and making myself aware that I needed to make a change, my “taking action” brought in the energy of “change” for my three-dimensional Self and life.

Copyright:  Dreamtime Dream Interpretation – Opening to Your Spiritual Sight Within  Excerpt: Chapter 4.

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