Keeping a Dream Journal Using the Dreamtime Method Part 1

Figure 4.1

Hi Dreamers,

Now that I have given you many examples of how to use the Dreamtime Method to interpret common dream symbols in our previous posts, let’s talk about how to keep a Dream Journal of your dreams.

If you are serious about learning to interpret your dreams to understand what your inner DreamSelf is saying to you in your dreams, you must keep a Dream Journal!

Dream Journals are important for many reasons: Keeping a Dream Journal guarantees that you will remember and recall your dreams if you are having the problem of not remembering them! It is an absolute sure-fired way of remembering your dreams and bringing lots more of your dream information to you consciously as you wake up. Writing even one or two of your dream symbols down that you can remember grounds your dream energy into the third-dimension, allowing you to recall your future dreams more clearly and abundantly.                                                                                                                    

Writing your dream down in your journal will aid you in making your dream energy, which is creating your life, manifest and come about more quickly. It speeds up your life. The pedal will be to the metal within you! If you have specific goals you want to accomplish or whatever it is you want to create, you will accelerate this within your life.

As you learn to interpret your dreams, writing your dream down allows you to interpret your dream immediately; and if you do not have time to interpret it at that time, you can return to your written dream later in the day, where it will be fully recorded and waiting for you.

 Your Dream Journal can be any notebook. Keep it by your bedside. If you wake up in the middle of the night and remember a dream, jot down a few symbols. They will trigger the memory of your dream to then be written out more fully in the morning. I know we are all busy people, but writing your dreams down is important because they are the energy creating your life!

Over the years, I have developed a unique, but easy way to record dreams. My Dreamtime Dream Journal approach uses specific headings for the daily recording of your dreams. Figure 4.1 has a sample page from my Dream Journal showing the headings and format. For example, I would use one page for one dream and if I had two or three dreams I remembered from one night, I would accordingly use additional Dream Journal pages from my journal so each dream would be recorded on its own specific Dream Journal page. That means that you don’t have to cram all your dreams or dreamlettes (which are multiple dream sequences) from the same night on one Dream Journal page.

I now want you to look at figure 4.1 attached. I start each page of my Dream Journal by dating the day I had the dream. If I were writing the dream down in the morning, I would write down the previous day’s date, since that is when I had the dream. For example, if I were writing the dream on the 12th day of the month, I would date the dream when writing it in my Dream Journal as the 11th. I then act as though I am writing a letter to myself, since the dream is a communication from my DreamSelf Within. This means that your dream really is a letter, a message and communication from supernatural you to everyday you! So, after I date the Dream Journal page, I then write the following at the top of the page below the date.

Dear Terri, (Insert your own name).

The next step is to write your dream down as fully as you can remember it in exactly the order your dream occurred. It is important to write down your dream in the exact sequence it occurred because that is how you are going to interpret each of your dream symbols using the Dreamtime Method. As you are writing the dream out, if you then remember something that happened in a different sequence, just go back to when and where it occurred in the dream and include it.

 After your dream is written out, leave a “space” following it for the actual interpretation. If you had two or three dream sequences or dreamlettes, each one should go on its own page as noted above. Try to write your dream sequences on the pages in the order that you dreamed them.

 Note that as I start out my interpretation, I always write the following sentence:

“My DreamSelf says that within my thinking and thoughts creating my now  . . . “.   So, you’ll also want to write that sentence at the top of the space you’re leaving for writing out the interpretation. I recommend that you should get into the good habit using this sentence every time to start out your dream interpretation. I do it myself for two reasons: To remind myself that my dream is coming from my “all-knowing and unlimited inner guidance,” my DreamSelf Within. And, for me to remember (in case I had forgotten) that my actual thinking and thoughts are creating my now!

Writing the above sentence out before I interpret my dream is a great way to remember this. You’ll be surprised at how, as you interpret yourdreams, this reminder sentence written out will get your attention to recall where within you your dreams are coming from and how you, as a multi-dimensional  Being, are creating your three-dimensional Self and life.

Copyright Excerpt from: Dreamtime Dream Interpretation – Opening To Your Spiritual Sight Within   Cphapter 4

Author: Terri Ullstrup


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