Keeping a Dream Journal Using the Dreamtime Method Part 2

 Figure 4.1

“What Happened That Day”

Hi Dreamers,

On my last post, I gave you part 1 of keeping a Dream Journal. Now here’s Part 2. Once you have created your dream journal as I showed you on my last blog, here’s additional information to include.

On your dream journal page, after writing the heading:

“My DreamSelf says that within my thinking and thoughts creating my now”: and then leaving room for the actual interpretation, near the bottom of the page you may write another heading; this heading is purely optional, but as a dream expert I recommend it! I write out: “What Happened That Day.” 

This line is alreay written out for you on my dream journal page example included on figure 4.1 attached.

If I have time the day after I have interpreted a dream to go back to the previous day’s dream interpretation in my journal, in the space where I have written: “What happened that day,” I give a short synopsis of what did happen in that previous day. The reason I do this and feel it would be important for you to go back and do this, especially when you are first learning how to interpret your dreams, is that this allows you to actually see as multi-dimensional enenrgy create by drawing in similar energy to you which is your next three-dimensional, physical day.

An example of going back and writing down what happened in my Dream Journal the day after I had interpreted a dream can be understood this way. Say I had a dream that I was riding a bicycle. The next day I write this dream down in my Dream Journal.

Using the Dreamtime Method to interpret this dream (where I think/interpret each of my dream symbols as though each is a physical aspect and ability that I now possess from within), I start by using the normal everyday definition of a bicycle, which is a “two-wheeled vehicle that requires balance to ride.”

I then think of that definition/understanding as my DreamSelf Within thinks of it, which is as though the dream symbol of the bicycle is now a physical aspect, power and ability of my own everyday three-dimensional energy within.

As I think of myself being the physical energy of the three-dimensional bicycle, the interpretation that I get from thinking as my DreamSelf Within does is that for the dream symbol of a bicycle, my DreamSelf wants to communicate information to me about my own inner ability to move (the bicycle being a vehicle) through my life with balance (a bicycle requiring balance to ride). This means that using the Dreamtime Method, mydream symbol of riding a bicycle from my DreamSelf interprets/communicates to mean: my own inner ability to move along in my everyday living in a “balanced” way.

Now imagine that in my waking reality, the day after dreaming of the bicycle, I had a very busy day scheduled. But then, all of a sudden, some of my appointments cancelled, which freed me up to take a walk in the park. As I did this, I then felt more relaxed and in turn more balanced than if I had just done my usual workday.

The next morning, as I am writing my dream down in my Dream Journal, I go back to the previous day’s dream of riding the bicycle. At the end of that dream interpretation, I had written the heading, “What happened that day.” And now next to it I write: I was able to not just work yesterday, as some appointments cancelled. I then went to the park where I had a great time; I relaxed and was able to bring some much-needed balance into my day and life.

To start, interpreting my dream using the Dreamtime Method consciously gave me the information that I needed to bring some balance in my life. Then during my day, when my appointments cancelled, my interpreted dream information of that morning reminded me that instead of scheduling more appointments and making myself more harried and out of balance (my old energy scenario), I might take a walk in the park which I did, bringing some harmony and balance into my day.

Then, by going back and writing out what did happen in my previous day the next day, I was able to clearly see and understand the connection between my dream symbol energy of the bicycle in my dream with my three-dimensional ability to take action to  create some much needed balance in my life. The dream symbol of the bicycle was the 10th dimensional dream energy that created the three-dimensional circumstances for me to make the conscious choice to take the walk in the park allowing (manifesting) balance in my day.

And, as we discussed in previous posts, your dream energy as the thinking and thoughts of your 10th dimensional DreamSelf, not only tells and gives you knowing information, but creates!

Your dreams not onlu tell you what’s going on within your life, but as your own “multi-dimensional energy” from within attract into your next day and days after dreaming your dream, similar three-dimensional (physical energy) to provide the solution for whatever your dream is addressing. It is in this way that your dreams create your everyday, three-dimensional reality

Remember, as you master the Dreamtime Method, the knowing understandings of your dream symbols will become automac within you and your everyday life as I have  told you previously. This process will occur quickly as you interpret your dreams using the Dreamtime Method. But initially as you are learning how to interpret your dreams, going back to your previous day’s dream and writing out “what did happen that day” will accelerate you to seeing and becoming aware of how your dreams are creating your everyday three-dimensional life.

-Your Personal Dream Journal

The best time to write down your dreams is in the morning as soon as you awaken. Why? Because you are closest to your multi-dimensional DreamSelf of your inner Dreamtime just after sleeping and dreaming. You know how when you wake up in the morning and feel as though you have been in a nother reality or someplace else?

You have been; you’ve been in the multi-dimensions of your Dreamtime Within! As you make regular entries into your Dream Journal, your Dream Journal will become addicting! You are going to see some beautful things in your dreams. Once you learn what your dreams mean and realize that they come from a place within you that is infinitely intelligent and all knowing, you’ll want to know more and more, I guarantee it!

Your dreams, as your DreamSelf’s vision for you, are fun and exciting—especially when you see them written down and recorded in your own personal Dream Journal.

Copyright Excerpt: Dreamtime Dream Interpretation – Opening To Your Spiritual Sight Within    Chapter 4.

Author: Terri Ullstrup



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