Learning the Dreamtime Method of Dream Interpretation & Tapping into Your Dreamtime Consciousness Within

                                                             “Going Home.”

Once upon a time, the Creator created a galaxy: a free-will place where all that is desired could be created! This creative place was left to grow and be all that it could be. Every now and then, a new and higher order of evolution came to be in this creative place. Ultimately, it was planned, that a time in the ages would come when this creative galaxy would continue to be a free-will place, but also become complete by joining together with itself.  

As this occasion neared, there was considerable preparation going on. There was much tidying up and putting things in order, so to say. It was also a time of great anticipation and joy, since for eons everyone, all energy in the galaxy, had anticipated this aligning convergence within. But what was this “big event,” this completed joining together to mean for the galaxy? It was to mean that this would be the time when all of the galaxy would come to consciously understand that it is the original Creator of all that has been created! This was the time for the galaxy to deeply understand that there is no other doing the creating, that you are the Creator of all that has been created. That all creations return home to the  Creator . . . and that Self is now meeting Self!

This was a time for a most profound comprehension for the galaxy. A time marked by deep healing in the understanding, the remembrance and the recognition of one’s true Divine, Multi-Dimensional Self that lies within. A time of fulfillment to that understanding, which also meant a new beginning! It was agreat time to be alive and well in the galaxy, as that time  . . . is now!

As you learn to use the Dreamtime Method to accurately interpret your dreams, you will find yourself experiencing an extraordinary mind-expanding awareness! The reason this occurs as you master the Dreamtime Method and learn to think as your DreamSelf Within is that you bring the faster vibrating dimensional light energy of your DreamSelf consciously to yur everyda physical, three-dimensional Self. The consciousness of your DreamSelf brings to your awareness the power of how you are the Creator of your three-dimensional Self and life!

When I first started interpreting my own dreams using my Dreamtime Method, I was in complete awe that my dreams related exactly to what was going on within life I also quickly came to understand and realize that there were just no coincidences goingon within myself or life.

Dreamtime_cover_wWheel_3d An example of this that I can give to you is if I was thinking I needed to contact a plumber to fix my plumbing, low and behold in the next few days, I either received a callfrom a plumber soliciting business or received something from a plumber or plumbingbusiness in the mail! I thought, wow, I was just thinking of that! 

Another example was that again, maybe I was “thinking” of calling a friend or family member and out of the blue, they called me. I had a lot of these kinds of experiences that we all have every day, but what had changed as I interpreted my dreams was that I was definitely more aware that this type of synchronicity was happening within my life. Was this just coincidence or was I becoming more telepathic and clairvoyant? What I found, as I interpreted my dreams and connected the interpreted dream information to my everyday life, was that I was definitely becoming more conscious of how energy flowed around and within my life.

Excerpt from Chapter Three:  Dreamtime Dream Interpretation – Opening to Your Spiritual Sight Within    Author: Terri Ullstrup   www.dreaminterpretation.com



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