Programming Your Dreams

Dreamtim Dream InterrpetationHi Dreamers,
Got a problem or situation going on in your life now that you really could use a super-natural answer to???? Your Multi-dimensional DreamSelf and dream energy is creating your everyday physical, three-dimensional Self and life. You can “program a dream” to get information from your All-Knowing DreamSelf Within to get an answer of what to do in your life right now. It’s as easy as that because your dreams are your inner guidance and your ultimate problem-solver!

Whenever you have a problem that you don’t know how to solve or what to do, you
can program a dream for the solution and get an answer. To do this, sit at your bedside or lie in bed before going to sleep and tell yourself that regarding whatever it is you want answers and solutions for:
*Tonight I will have a great dream regarding (the problem) that I will remember,
understand clearly, and write down.
Then say, this dream advice I receive I will follow, as it easily and effortlessly creates my tomorrow.

Say this to yourself out loud for three nights before you go to sleep. Within 3 days you will get your dream answer which you can then interpret using the easy to understand and do Dreamtime Method!

Dreamers, you can program your dreams for anything and everything. Prosperity, vital health,great relationships, whatever your heart desires! Remember, when programming a dream, you are talking to your Multi-dimensional Self, the creator of your everyday life who really has your best interests at heart! Give “programming a dream” a try becaue it really works and after all you deserve the best!

Copyright: Excerpt taken from Dreamtime Dream Interpretaton _ Openin to Your Spiritual Sight Within
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