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Dreamtime Dream Interpretation; Your 3rd Dimensional versus 10th Dimensional Perspective Within

Figure 2.7

Figure 2.6Figure 2.6

Figure 2.5

(Adapted from Dreamtime Dream Interpretation – Opening to Your Spiritual Sight Within Chapter 2)

In telling you that a multi-dimensional perspective is the way that your dream symbols are being communicated to you in your dreams, the most logical way to continue to understand this expanded perspective of yourself within is to begin with a dimensional view we are all familiar with. That is your current three dimensional view of the physical world. I’d like you now to turn look at figure 2.5 atached. This graphic shows a person standing on Earth with the sun, sky, and stars above their head. I think we would all agree that this is the usual way we view the physical world from our third-dimensional perspective. We all view the sun, sky, and stars from the third dimension as being outside of our physical body and Self.

Now look at figure 2.6 attached, labeled: “Your Multi-Dimensional
DreamSelf’s 10th Dimensional ‘Consciousness’ with Its Thinking, View And Perspective of You And The Physical Third Dimension.” Figure 2.6 illustrates how your DreamSelf views you and your three dimensional life from its 10th dimensional perspective. It then illustrates how from that 10th dimensional perspective, it goes on to think as it creates your dream symbols for you in your dreams.

As you have learned from our previous illustrations, as you and your DreamSelf’s 10th dimensional energy slows in vibration, it becomes what you are recognizing as the physical third dimension. This means that all of the physical third dimension is then a slowed down version of the faster vibrating, non physical energy of the 10th dimension, which is your non-physical Self, your DreamSelf Within.

In understanding this, as your DreamSelf creates your dream symbols for you, its method of communicating to you, its three-dimensional Self, is to look at each dream symbol as though it were an actual aspect of physical energy originating from within both of you. Your DreamSelf looks at all energy of the physical world as parts or aspects of your and its own energy because the third dimension is the slower vibrating energy of your faster vibrating 10th dimensional Self. This means that your DreamSelf looks at all energy of the third dimension, which includes your dream symbols, as though they are all then physical aspects and abilities of energy originating from the core energy of you (and its) 10th dimensional energy from within. As you can see illustrated in figure 2.6, from your DreamSelf’s multi-dimensional perspective, you, your life, and everything it creates in the third dimension is viewed and perceived as its own “slowed down physical energy” that comes from the “faster moving non-physical energy” of you and itself within. Understanding Your Inner Multi Dimensional/Three-Dimensional Mirror

Now turn to figure 2.7 attached. Figure 2.7 takes the understanding of figure 2.6 and illustrates the multi-dimensional perspective that your DreamSelf has of the third dimension more deeply. In this illustration, I have your DreamSelf looking into a mirror. Now instead of your DreamSelf seeing its own reflection being shown back from the mirror that it is looking into, what is being shown is all energy of the third dimension which includes you, your physical Self, and your life. This deeper perspective from your DreamSelf means that everything you now view in the third dimension as being physically separate from yourself in your everyday world is really a mirror image of the non-physical, faster vibrating 10th dimensional energies of you and your DreamSelf Within. Because the third dimension is the slower vibratingenergy of your 10th dimensional Self, when I say that your DreamSelf communicates each of your dream symbols as though they are actual physical aspects and abilities of the energy of you and itself, your DreamSelf does this because, multi-dimensionally, they are!

This also means that everything in your everyday, outer physical world is then an aspect of yourself within as it accordingly reflects your inner Self, your total and whole multidimensional DreamSelf Within. Seeing your DreamSelf’s multi-dimensional perspective illustrated and explained in this way, you can see why your DreamSelf communicates and uses everyday “physical objects and events” as your dream symbols. It does this because it knows that you, its three dimensional Self, are most understanding of the physical world and will automatically associate a physical meaning with what it is trying to say and communicate
to you in your dreams with your dream symbols.

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