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Dreamtime Dream Interpretation; The Foundation for Interpreting Your Dreams Accurately; Understanding Yourself a a Multi-Dimensional Enery Being

Figure 1 Faucet

Figure 2.2 Boiling Water

“Mirror, mirror on the wall . . . Who’s the deepest of them all? You are!”

You and everything on this earth and in our galaxy are made up of energy. You and I are magnetic Energy Beings. As I teach you to learn how to interpret your dreams, you may be wondering why I begin with a discussion of what energy is and how it works. I start with the importance of understanding what energy is and how it functions because your dream energy that you dream every night is creating the three dimensional energy you recognize as you, your physical Self, and your Life! Your dream energy that you dream through the Universal Law of Attraction creates and draws in similar energy to you—creating what you now know as you, your physical Self and Life.

Let’s look now at what the definition of “energy” is: Energy is best defined as vibration. Energy works, operates, and creates through a Universal Law, the Law of Attraction. This Law states that a like energy vibration attracts a similar or like energy vibration. Simply put, like attracts like. We have all heard the old saying, “Birds of a feather flock together.” It’s no mistake that energy creates and is attracted to similar energy, since
energy naturally flows that way through Universal Law.

Further defining energy as vibration . . . you should know that vibration can and does exist at varied rates of frequency. To show how energy can and does exist at varied rates of vibrational frequency in our three-dimensional world, let’s use the simple example of water. As it pours out of our taps, water exists as energy at a rate of vibrational frequency that we, in the third dimension, consider to be physical or solid. This is illustrated for you in figure 2.1 attached.

When water exists in this physical state, it is at a slow rate of vibrational frequency. When water is in its slowed-down rate of vibrational frequency, it is considered solid and something that we can visibly see with our naked eye. When you take that very same water and increase its rate of vibrational frequency by boiling it, it turns into steam. This is illustrated in figure 2.2 attached.

Water, when it exists as steam, is at a much faster rate of vibrational frequency than when it is in its slowed down physical and solid state. The steam version of water evaporates into the air and eventually becomes what we in the third dimension consider to be non-physical or invisible. We think of this as being invisible to the naked eye because we can’t see it, yet we know that it’s still there and consider it to be a version of water.

In my workshops as we are talking about energy, it is at this point that I ask everyone to pull their dream energy out and put it down in front of them. I ask each one of my workshop participants to take their dream energy out, not what they wrote down from their dreams, but their actual dream energy, so that we can all get an idea what dreams look like in the physical world and see them. Everyone sits puzzled for a short time and then they begin to laugh. What a trick question!

They all begin to realize that they can’t pull their actual dream energy out because their dream energy is not anything that is physical. But everyone knows they have dreams and that they are something; otherwise they wouldn’t be attending a workshop or buying this book to learn to interpret them!

Your dream energy exists non-physically, yet you know it is real. This is because you, as a total Energy Being, exist at many frequencies of vibration within, much like the water does. What you recognize as your physical body and Self in the material world is actually your inner energy existing at a slowed down rate of vibration, perceived by you in the third dimension as physical and solid. What you are recognizing as your dream energy, as non-physical or invisible, is your inner energy existing at a very high rate of vibration.

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