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Freedom From Fear

Hi Dreamers,
Here some more thoughts on the benefits of knowing what your dreams mean by interpreting them using the Dreamtime Method and realizing you are “Multi-Dimensional”.

What you are really doing as you “own” all of the dimensions of yourself within
(i.e., your everyday three-dimensional Self and the non-physical dimensions of yourself within, which are your dreams) is consciously bringing to your awareness your already created whole multi-dimensional Self. And this is excellent news for you and your life!

This may sound like a lot of work for you, but let me tell you, the rewards within
you and your life will be many! As you do your dream work and bring to your conscious attention your total Self, your DreamSelf Within, you create freedom. When you interpret your dreams multi-dimensionally, consciously connecting that information to your everyday Self and life, you allow your life decisions for yourself to be based on your inner Light and compass versus being based on the created every day, three-dimensional emotion of fear. And, as you create freedom of your Spirit, you feel integrated, lighter and more whole. That means that situations work for you in your life! Everything changes and life
gets easier, more fun, more prosperous, and more harmonic.

As you use the Dreamtime Method and “think” of yourself as “multi-dimensional”
or acknowledge that the third dimension is the slower vibrating energy coming from the power of your own unlimited 10th dimensional Self within, you then realize that you are the power within who has in the past and is now in the present creating your threedimensional Self and life and that you, in reality, can create anything you want!

Copyright Dreamtime Dream Interpretation – Opening to Your Spiritual Self Within Author: Terri Ullstup www.dreaminterpretation.com