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Nightmare Dreams

Murder in a Dream

Hi Dreamers,
I often see the common dream theme of a “nightmare.” A nightmare dream can be
defined as any dream that frightens you. It can involve death and dying, being chased, or anything one considers scary and frightening. Usually with nightmares (a dream that is frightening), you need to be made aware of something that is going on within your life that requires your attention. This is why nightmare dreams are such an effective communication from your DreamSelf Within for creating change. Nightmares get your conscious attention just as soon as you wake up!

Nightmare dreams can also become repeat dreams. Remember that nightmare
dreams, just like all of our dreams, are a communication from your inner Self, your DreamSelf Within, that is information (and energy) about what’s actively going on within you and your everyday life.

Here’s an example of a “Nightmare dream” interpreted using the Dreamtime Method.

Dear Terri,
I had a dream about someone who is trying to rape and kill me. This was a
horrible dream and I was terrified. What does this dream mean?

Dear Dreamer,
In this dream, your DreamSelf Within is communicating that within your current
thinking and thoughts creating your now . . . you dreamed that someone is trying to rape and kill you.

Using the Dreamtime Method, the commonly understood three-dimensional
definition of “rape” is the forceful and violent taking of the “life energy” of another. Your dream symbol of the “act of rape” as a communication from your DreamSelf is saying that right now there is, in some manner, a forceful and violent taking of your own energy that is going on within you and your everyday life.

In your dream, you say that this person is not only trying to rape you, but is also trying to kill you. Murder and the action of killing is defined as the obliteration of someone’s life energy as one thinks of in a homicide. Murder in your dream as a dream symbol “action” is communicating from your DreamSelf that because of the extreme energy drain you are experiencing in your daily living situation (from the rape), the situation is coming close to taking your whole life energy away (i.e., the murder).

To pinpoint what this important dream is communicating to you, I would look in
your daily living situation for how you may feel that you are constantly being drained against your will of your life energy (the rape) to the point where you feel unable to go on (the murder). I then feel you will have the answer to what this dream is addressing. The depleting of your energy as symbolized by the rape in this dream might be going on within your own thinking and thoughts (you taking your own life energy away by negative thinking) or it may involve someone or something else creating this in your everyday life. Only you will know how these circumstances are occurring within yourself and life.

Your dreams not only tell you what’s going on in your life, but as your own “multi-dimensional energy” from within attract into your next day and days after dreaming your dream similar three-dimensional (physical energy) to provide the solution for whatever
your dream is addressing. It is in this way that your dreams create your everyday, three-dimensional reality.

Understanding the above, I would look in the day(s) following this dream for ways
to not only be more “aware” of when and where this draining situation is happening, but to then have increased energy available to alter and change whatever it is that is violently taking your vital life energy to the point of destroying it.

Please e-mail me back when you get this and let me know if there is anything that
you did not understand of how I used the Dreamtime Method to interpret your dream.
Thank you again for submitting your dream for interpretation and good dreaming!
Terri Ullstrup

Here is the Dreamer’s response to the above Nightmare dream interpretation:

Dear Terri,
Can I say how accurate your interpretation was for what’s going on with me
in my life? I was amazed! In my work situation, I have a co-worker that is
very explosive and tough to be around. This person is an absolute energy
drain and it is really now, that I think of it, after reading your right-on
dream interpretation, ruining my life! I was really concerned after having
this dream that this literally might happen to me, but now with the way you
explain and interpret my dream, I’m relieved! I had no idea that dreams
could tell you what’s going on within your life much less how to deal with life.
I’ll look for the “energy” to be around to find a new job. Thank you so much!

As you can see from how I interpreted the above dream, learning to interpert your dreams using the easy to understand and do Dreamtime Method created a “conscious awareness” within this dreamer to look at her life and pinpoint exactly where the draining energy was coming from in her life. Just “knowing” what this dream was communicating made this dreamer more aware that she needed to address the situation and make some changes in her life. The important awareness and knowing this dreamer received after interpreting her dream coupled with the “actual energy” of the dream will go on in her day(s) after dreaming her dream to provide answers and solutions to her draining work dilemma.

Your dreams contain actual energy that is so superior to anything that you may be doing for your life now, that just knowing what they mean “alters” your thinking about yourself and that in turn, changes your life. And this alteration in thinking can create such profound change one might consider it “miraculous” because it does resolve whatever is keeping you from having the best life you desire. Such is the power of your dreams!

Dreamers, create “knowing” in your own life now by learning to interpret your dreams. That’s all you have to do to initiate the change you need for an improved living situation or whatever it is that you now desire for your life. Who doesn’t need a change in their life? I’m making it affordable for you now by offering my Dreamtime Dream Interpretation Book for only a 99-cent download at www.dreaminterpretation.com for the month of April!

You will benefit from down-loading Dreamtime Dream Interpretation more than you could ever imagine. And remember if you do, I’ll be there to help you to understand and interpret your dreams, everyday, every step of the way!
All the best,
Terri Ullstrup

Copyright Dreamtime Dream Interpretation – Opening to Your Spiritual Sight Within Author: Terri Ullstrup www.dreaminterpretation.com

Nightmare Dreams

Nightmare Dreams  I often see the common dream theme of a “nightmare.” A nightmare dream can be defined as any dream that frightens you. It can involve death and dying, being chased, or anything one considers scary and frightening. Usually with nightmares (a dream that is frightening), you need to be made aware of something… Continue Reading