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Understanding Animal and Insect Dreams Using the Dreamtime Method – www.dreaminterpretation.com


Hi Dreamers,                                                                                                                                                          Another common dream theme that I see frequently in dreams involve the dreamer dreaming about animals, insects, or non-human creatures. I will now use the Dreamtime Method to interpret the following non-human creature dream.

Dear Dreamer,                                                                                                                                                             With this dream, your DreamSelf is communicating that within your current thinking and thoughts creating your now . . . snakes and spiders are trying to get you.

 Using the Dreamtime Method of dream interpretation where you start by thinking of each of your dream symbols meanings as being similar to the everyday physical understanding they represent, the normal everyday definition of a snake is a creature (reptile, serpent) that has no legs yet has the ability to “move” with much power in life. A spider is a creature (an insect) that has many legs and innate abilities to create a “web”.

 I then take those understandings and view them as your DreamSelf within did as it created and communicated your dream to you.  Which is that the energies of the snakes and spiders are now being perceived as aspects and abilities of your own everyday energy from within.  This means that the snakes and spiders which are representing your innate ability to move ahead (the snakes) and create (the spider’s web) with much power.

The action of the snakes and spiders trying to then “get you” in your dream is saying that in your everyday living, your natural and powerful energies of creativity are trying “to get” your attention so that you will take action on them and manifest them (make them happen) in your life.

In your dream you said that some of the snakes and spiders were poisonous and others were not. The non-poisonous snakes and spiders are communicating from your DreamSelf your innate power to be naturally creative in your everyday life.  The poisonous snakes and spiders are symbolizing some issue going on within you where you may feel that if or when you use your power of creativity, that it could possibly lead to situations that may be toxic or poisonous to you, your life and/or others.

You said that in waking reality you are terrified of both snakes and spiders. Since your dreams mirror (and create) waking reality there are also some additional issues going on within yourself where you fear your own power of creation or that you may misuse it. To get a better understanding of what this important dream is communicating, I would look at what it is that you have been thinking about creating or doing and how you would then feel if you acted on it. I would also consider what you (and possibly others) have made you believe would happen that could be negative if you moved forward with your creative energies within.

Most people in their waking reality think they live out their day and then go to sleep at night and dream. It’s really just the opposite! You Multi-Dimensionally dream first and then wake up to your created three-dimensional Self with your dream symbols and the information/energy of them being the actual energy that is creating your every-day physical life.  In understanding this, your dreams not only tell you what is going on in your life, but as your own “multi-dimensional energy” from within, attracts in to your next day and days after dreaming them similar three-dimensional, physical energy to provide the solution to whatever your dream is addressing. It is in this way that your Multi-Dimensional dreams and DreamSelf create your everyday, three-dimensional Self and life.  

Understanding the above, I would look in your next day(s) after dreaming this dream for the opportunities and circumstances (the energy) to come into your life to act on what it is you now want to do and create in your life. As you perform this action, try to be aware of the outcome seeing if it helps or hinders your life. Then you can make a conscious decision to continue with it or not.

Please E-mail me back when you get this dream interpretation and let me know if there is anything that you do not understand of how I used the Dreamtime Method to interpret your dream and dream symbols.  Thank you again for submitting your dream for interpretation and good dreaming!

 Terri Ullstrup                                                                                                                                                                                                            Dreamtime Dream Interpretation

Dear Terri,                                                                                                                                                                         I was astounded at your very accurate dream interpretation! I could not for the life of me understand what this dream meant with the snakes and spiders that I so dislike. Your interpretation was spot on in that I have always been afraid to do much of anything new. I come from a very strict religious upbringing where new information and thinking is not embraced. I always think about making changes in my life, but worry that they won’t work out or what others may think or that they might disapprove. Your interpretation has given me much to think about. Many thanks.

Excerpt taken from: Dreamtime Dream Interpretation by Terri Ullstrup  www.dreaminterpretation.com