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Interpret Your Dreams/Transform Your Life Using the Dreamtime Method of Dream Interpretation

Eagles & Owls as Dream Symols[1]

Dear Terri,
I dreamed I was sitting outside and looking up at a clear, blue sky. From way up in the sky I could see two large birds flying. Then they started flying lower in the sky down towards me. They then landed. One was an eagle with and baby eaglette on its back that sat on my left. The other bird then landed. It was an owl with a baby owl on its back that sat to my right. What does this dream mean?

Dear Dreamer,
Thank you for submitting your dream for to me to interpret. As I begin, here’s some quick information about the Dreamtime Method. The Dream Method is not Freudian, Jungian or analytical. It is an easy to do and learn, common -sensical approach that teaches you how to interpret your dreams from the perspective of the part of you within that creates them – I call this your inner heart which is your DreamSelf Within.

Using the Dreamtime Method where you learn to “think” of each of your dream symbols as though they are now each an aspect or part of your everyday life, in your dream you are sitting outside looking up at the clear, blue sky.
You “sitting” in your dream is communicating from your DreamSelf, where you are currently “sitting” right now or the current position you are finding yourself in your life right now.

You looking at the clear, blue sky is communicating from your DreamSelf, your own inner clear and creative Spiritual Self much as the sky above can be imagined as an extension of the infinite universe that surrounds us.
The large birds are representing the part of you within that has the ability to fly and be free in your everyday life to create. The eagle is symbolizing your own inner ability to be independent, free, a powerful leader in your life much as the attributes we associate with the symbol of an eagle. The baby eagle on the adult eagle’s back is communicating from your DreamSelf, you in your everyday life that is just learning these important attributes and developing them in your own everyday life.

The owl as a dream symbol from your DreamSelf is communicating/representing your own inner wisdom and guidance within, plus an ability to see with clarity in the dark much as an owl does in the everyday, physical world. The baby owl is symbolizing your own just developing inner wisdom and guidance. And, the ability to see the truth, no matter what illusion or darkness that may be surrounding it in your own everyday life.

The “left side” of any part or situation in a dream is always representing your Inner Spiritual Your DreamSelf Within) that part of you within that creates your everyday life in the 3rd dimension, our physical world. The “right-side” of any part or situation in a dream is always representing you and your creative energy that is then extending or going out into the physical world. The owl with the baby owl sitting to your left in your dream is communicating that your position in life is now one of clear understanding of the wisdom you are learning from your life. The eagle with the baby eagle sitting to your right is communicating that this wisdom of guidance that you are now learning within yourself, you are going to take it out into the world and share (possibly teach it) to others. You will be an independent leader with it.

In summary, this dream is communicating from your DreamSelf, that right now in your life, you have a (or are being given) a clear picture of what it is that you and your Spirit wants you to do with your life. It involves teaching and sharing what you know with others.

Your dreams not only tell you what is going on within your everyday life offering you excellent guidance, but just in understanding what they mean, provide you with the energy to move ahead. I would look in your next days after having this dream for you to receive some valuable inner guidance (and wisdom) to be able to see (what to date you may not have currently been able to see symbolized by the owl in your dream) and to do, have the independent energy to do what it really is you desire to do with your own, inner creative, life energy. Then I think you will have the answer to what this important dream is communicating to you.
Let’s see what the dreamer had to say about what I interpreted for them.

Dear Terri,
When I had this dream, I felt that it was an extraordinary dream with the dream symbols of the eagle and owl! Right now, I’m graduating from high school and of course my parents want me to go on to college, which I do too. But, what I’m most interested in since I was a little girl is the planets that surround us and I want to go to astrology school. My parents don’t think that this is a legitimate education, but I know it is. After interpreting this dream for me, I feel I should really follow my own inner guides. I thank you for interpreting this very important dream for me. I will never forget it!

Dreamers, as you can see from this dream interpretation, just knowing what this dream meant was enough to make this dreamer more aware of her own needs (not her parents) which changed her thinking about herself. This in turn gave her the courage to follow her own inner light and take some action on it.
Remember, your dreams are energy that contain information, guidance and action that is so superior to anything you may now be doing for your life that just “knowing” what they mean changes your thinking about yourself. After you dream your dream, the energy attained from the dream brings in the synchronicity you need so situations work for you. As I always say, interpret your dreams, transform your life. It really works!
All the best and sweet dreams,
Terri Ullstrup

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