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The Triangle for Transforming – Your Multi-Dimensional Magic Wand Within

Triangle for Transformation[1]

Hi Dreamers,
Over the years, I have come to understand that learning how to consciously interpret your dreams is only one-half of your dream work. Following your dream advice and owning your dreams and subsequent created three-dimensional life is another! As I consciously began to realize that my dreams were creating my three-dimensional reality, when I either had a dream I didn’t like or saw someone, something, or some circumstance in my daily living that I could not accept as my own reflection, what I did was to try to own it in some way. But for me to “own” something as a part of myself within, I could really only do this in one way, that is, if what I was trying to own had value for me and my life, then I felt I could do it. I tried all kinds of ways to own dreams, other people, and
circumstances that I didn’t like, but the way that worked best for me was when I looked at what I was not owning (or denying as my own) that I had created, was as if it had some value or was valuable to me and my life.

In saying this, over the years I’ve come up with a tried and true multi-dimensional technique for owning dreams I do not like and/or three-dimensional energy in my life that I deny as mirroring myself. I have coined this multi-dimensional technique I developed as the Triangle for Transforming. This easy-to-do, but powerful, multi-dimensional technique allows you to integrate any un-owned energy as your own multi-dimensional energy. As you do the Triangle for Transforming technique, you integrate the energy you are denying as your own and transcend the three-dimensional illusion of separation which then transforms and merges the multi-dimensions of yourself within. The Triangle for Transforming is your Magician’s Wand that I described back in Chapter One. Practicing and performing this simple, multi-dimensional technique changes everything!

The Triangle for Transforming technique can be used for “owning” any energy.
The triangle can be used for accepting and owning dream energy and/or three dimensional energy that you do like as your own. However, it is particularly effective in allowing yourself to consciously own any energy that you don’t like, don’t recognize “as you or the energy you find difficult to accept as being a “multi-dimensional” aspect and part of your whole Self within.

I want you to now look at figure 7.1.which I have attached. This is the illustration of the Triangle (within you) for Transforming. In figure 7.1, I have the letter “A” (lower left point of the triangle) and want you to understand “A” as being representative of your present physical, three-dimensional Self.

The first step in the Triangle for Transforming is to bring to mind whatever “energy” (your dream, a three-dimensional person, a circumstance) you are unable to accept as being your mirror. Bringing to mind whatever you cannot accept as your mirror as a multi-dimensional aspect of you accomplishes just what you need to do! It brings to your conscious attention that which you are denying (positive or negative) as being your own multidimensional energy within. Next you identify the negatives or positives of the energy that is troubling you as being your own. As you bring to mind whatever this energy is, think of the specifics of what you do or don’t like about it. I have this “denied” negative or positive energy illustrated in figure 7.1 with the letter “B” (lower right point of the Triangle).

As an example of my own “denied” multidimensional energy that I had had in a dream, several times my dream communicated to me that I was an angry person in my three-dimensional life. I was disturbed by the dream as I interpreted this understanding, since I didn’t feel that in my waking reality I was an angry type of person. And not only that, but in my three dimensional, everyday life, I didn’t really like being around angry people. As the next step in the Triangle for Transforming (which is what you will do as you use this technique), I tried to think of how being the energy I was denying or of me being an angry person may have ever helped me in my life, or how being this energy (angry) may assist, has assisted, or could be an “aid” for me now or in the future. In other words, I
tried to think of whenever I had been angry, that the situation had turned out to be a positive. Thinking in this way, I was taking the seemingly negative emotion, circumstance, or person and seeing if being “the negative” could not only be useful to me, but a quality when needed to also assist me in my life.

In this instance, I tried to think of what could be good about being the negative that I didn’t want to accept as me, that of being an angry person. As I thought about this, I thought of a time when I had arranged for painters to paint my house. They gave me a time frame to finish, yet day after day it dragged on. I finally got angry and called the owner of the painting business telling him that I needed to get the job done and was not going to pay him for “overtime” work! The owner of the company had no idea his workers were taking so long to get the job done and came right over. The job then got completed by the time I needed it and the owner of the company (for my trouble) even gave me a discount on the job! If I hadn’t gotten angry and called the owner of the company, I don’t know how much longer the situation would have gone on. And I certainly would not have received a discount! My getting angry with the painters and then calling the owner was not only appropriate in this situation, but turned out to be financially beneficial!

In trying to think of how being angry had helped me in my life, I then started
to understand this emotion within me as something positive (a quality) versus a negative—which is what I typically had thought of “angry” people. I also became less upset by what my dream had communicated to me and really no longer felt it was an “issue” that caused conflict within me. I realized that being “angry” was an OK emotion and not something that I needed to deny. By doing this, I owned this aspect of myself within (the“angry” Terri) that I had created and did not recognize as me.

If you look back to figure 7.1, as I (point A) owned the behavior of being angry (point B), I connected those two aspects of myself within, transforming the “thinking” that I had going on within myself of me being “separate” from the angry Terri that I created and that I might not have ever become aware of. Identifying and owning this denied aspect of myself immediately allowed me to integrate this multi-dimensional energy and transform myself, which is then shown as point C at the top of the Triangle.

In the above example, what was “valuable” and good about me dreaming of angry
behavior and people wasn’t the angry behavior or people. It was me recognizing the
“angry Terri” that I had created and that I might not have ever become aware of. The other valuable side of the coin in understanding and realizing that my dream symbols mirror my three-dimensional Self and life (being shown by me exhibiting anger in my dream) was that it came to my attention how I was being “angry” . . . with me! Bringing thisbehavior to my “waking” conscious Self made me more aware when I was not patient with myself and was being angry with myself. This valuable understanding allowed me to “consciously” lighten up on myself in my everyday life and give myself some compassion which also effectively helped to end any future angry dreams!

By taking the time to do the Triangle for Transforming, not only did I own this
denied part of myself within which my dream and DreamSelf brought to my conscious
attention, but I then never dreamed of being angry again! And because my dream energy was (and is) creating my three-dimensional Self and life, once I owned this denied aspect of myself (by doing the Triangle), angry people disappeared from my three-dimensional life. Angry people disappeared from my life because they were no longer mirroring to me this particular un-owned and denied aspect of my multi-dimensional Self! If I allowed the “angry Terri” to exist and to use it as a positive when I needed to, I didn’t have to act it out in my everyday living nor have it mirrored back to me in other people, circumstances, or my dreams.

Remember, if you don’t own that which is yours, the “un-owned” energy will stay
in place just as it is now, separate from you. When you deny yourself, that aspect (of you) will continue to present itself in your dreams and subsequent life because it wants to be recognized and acknowledged within your everyday consciousness. This multi-dimensional aspect of you wants to be accepted and loved as your own Self because it is a part of you that you have created and is “reflective” of the total multi-dimensional “you” within. This is why, once you own the dream, the person, the thing, or the situation—and accept it as part of yourself—it will no longer continue to be mirrored back to you; it will be integrated into your “waking three-dimensional consciousness” as being the total of your multi-dimensional Self within, which it is!

In summary, the steps for consciously doing the “Triangle” are:
Identify the energy in your dream (or everyday life) that you want (or need) to
“own” as your own Self. Really look at what it is that makes you feel negative about the energy. If the energy in your dream is positive, but you feel uncomfortable about it mirroring you, identify that energy.

Think of how this energy has in the past or present or could possibly in the future help and assist you in your life. Try to look at how this energy may be perceived by you as being of value to assist you within yourself and life.
After you do the “Triangle,” try to be aware of how this energy you have identified doesn’t present itself as an issue in your dreams or within you and your three-dimensional life anymore. Try to understand that, after doing the Triangle, this denied aspect of yourself has now been integrated within—creating the consciousness of a new transformed and whole “you.”

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