Reviews & Testimonials of Dreamtime Dream Interpretation

“Terri has devised a simple, but dynamic method for dream interpretation. Remarkable, very useful and fun!”
—Robin Q. spiritual writer/editor

“Terri—your Dreamtime Dream Interpretation book has totally made sense of all my dreams! So many times in the past I’ve wondered about my dream meanings and symbols, but with your easy to understand dream interpretation method and the dream wheel, I now know what is really going on in my head while I sleep!”
—Linda W.

“Dreamtime is exactly the dream interpretation workbook I have long been searching for. It’s not only very clearly written but also teaches a step-by-step and very easy-to understand approach that has been missing in other dream interpretation manuals. It helps the reader see “the whole picture” of his/her dreams rather than bits and pieces and gives the opportunity to see how dreams mirror what’s going on in each individual’s life. Loved the Dreamwheel, too—an added bonus! Dreamtime Dream Interpretation is unique and the best of its kind on the market.”
—Diane F.

“Dreamtime Dream Interpretation presents a method for interpreting dreams that is easy to follow and has many examples of dreams that explains how your dreams reflect what is going on within your life. After reading this book, you will be able to do the same thing with your own dreams. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to gain insight into their dreams!”
—Chris N.

“The dream interpretation you did for me was exact. One would think that you have been residing in my head hearing my private dialogue with myself. I just wanted to say how right on you were. I will try to follow my ‘best friend’s advice. Thank you again.”
—Yolanda L.

“I found your interpretation not only uncanny in its accuracy, but fascinating in terms of Dream Interpretation Method. I have browsed through various kinds of books ranging from ridiculous ‘dream symbol dictionaries’ to more intuitive, intelligent approaches. Your particular approach seems to lend credibility to the process! I was amazed that you could tap into my reality through this sketchy, barely remembered dream that I sent to you as an impulsive whim!
—Aviva K.