The Absolute Accuracy of Interpreting Your Dreams Using the Dreamtime Method


Hi Dreamers,

After interpreting a variety of common dream symbols as we have done in previous blogs,  I want you to understand that there is not one dream symbol that you cannot “figure out”accurately when using the Dreamtime Method to interpret your dream symbols!

To summarize the Dreamtime Method:

You start by taking the normal three-dimensional definition and understanding for the dream symbol. You then think of that understanding as your DreamSelf Within does, which is that you are the actual, physical, three-dimensional definition/energy of your dream  symbol. By “thinking” in this way, you interpret your dream symbol’s definition and understanding as your DreamSelf Within does, which is as though your dream symbol’s meaning is now a “physical aspect, power, and ability” that you now three-dimensionally possess from within. As you think in this way, the information you receive gives you an absolutely accurate interpretation of your dream symbol!


Your DreamSelf thinks that it is the  creator of your life, which it is! So for you to “think” as your DreamSelf Within to accurately interpret your dream symbol communication, you must imagine yourself as being the “creator” of your dream.

Thus to interpret your dream symbol’s meaning accurately, you need to look at each dream symbol’s definition/understanding as being a “created aspect” of your own three- dimensional energy/power that you now have and possess from within. The information that you then receive as you think in this way gives you an accurate interpretation of your dream symbol, which mirrors (and creates) what is currently going on within you and your three-dimensional life!

 A good, fun exercise to do to practice “multi-dimensional thinking” as your DreamSelf Within thinks is to, in your everyday waking reality, look at each physical aspect of energy that surrounds you (your pet, your car, your vacuum, your friend, your spouse, etc.) as though you created it.

Taking the above example of your physical household “vacuum,” this three-dimensional object would be multi-dimensionally  representing your ability within to clean up the dirt and debris covering the foundation (= the floor) of your physical Self and  life (= your house).

Your pet dog would be representing your ability within to faithful and loyal (= the dog) to yourself plus whatever you feel and associate with it.

Try to think of what the different three-dimensional energies that surround you in your everyday life may be representing and symbolizing as though they are all now “created aspects” of yourself within similar to when you may have dreamed them in a dream. If you do this fun multi-dimensional exercise in your everyday “thinking,” it will give you the gist of how your DreamSelf is “thinking” as it communicates your dreams symbols to you, helping you to learn and use the Dreamtime Method to get the most accurate information and interpretations from your dreams!

Copyright: Dreamtime Dream Interpretation – Opning To Your Spiritual Sight Within 

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Author: Terri Ullstrup




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