The Dreamtime Method

Hi, I’m Terri Ullstrup, Author of Dreamtime Dream Interpretation- Opening to Your Spiritual Sight Within. The Dreamtime Dream Interpretation Method is not Freudian, Jungian or analytical. It is an easy to do common-sensical approach that teaches you how to interpret your dreams from the perspective of the part of you within that creates them. This is your Spiritual Self, which I refer to as your DreamSelf Within.

Your DreamSelf’s energy originates from the faster vibrating, non-physical 1Oth-Dimensional energy of your own Spiritual Self within. As your DreamSelf’s 1Oth-dimensional energy slows down it vibration, it creates your dreams as a method to communicate to you in the solid 3rd-dimension. This takes place as you are waking up and remembering you had a dream. In essence, you and your everyday life in the 3rd dimension are the slower-moving energies of your Spiritual Self or your DreamSelf within.

You could picture this like you have two energy parts to your whole Self. One that exists in the non-physical, 1Oth dimension that is your Spiritual DreamSelf’s energy. Then as your Spiritual DreamSelf’s energy slows down in vibration through the process of creating your dreams,  it transforms into the other  you which you identify as you and your everyday physical life in the 3rd dimension.

Imagining the above, your Multi-Dimensional DreamSelf “thinks” it is the creator of you and your everyday life in the physical world, because it is! This means that you are creating your everyday physical life from your own dream energy. Understanding this, your non-physical, Multi-Dimensional DreamSelf thinks and communicates each of your dream symbols as though they are then an aspect or part of you and your everyday, physical 3-dimensional life. This way of thinking is multi-dimensional thinking or learning to think as your higher dimensional Spiritual Self which gives you an absolutely accurate interpretation of your dream. “Multi-Dimensional Thinking” is the way your dreams are created and the Dreamtime Method teaches you how to understand this!

Take a quick look at the Dreamtime Method Video below to learn more about your Multi-Dimensional DreamSelf. How this part of you “thinks” as it creates your dream energy. With the easy to do Dreamtime Method, you are learning to imagine and “think-multi-dimensionally” as your Spiritual Source, your DreamSelf within does as it creates your dreams for you. And accordingly, “thinking multi-dimensionally” gives you an absolutely accurate interpretation of your dream!