The Full Moon & Your Dreams

Figure 2.9

Hi Dreamers,
Why does it seem that when there’s a Full Moon, look out for your dreams?! It’s as though the Full Moon intensifies everything, including what you dream. After interpreting thousands of people’s dreams during a Full Moon, here’s what I have figured out about the Full Moon’s energy and your inner Dreamself that creates your life and your dreams for you.

When the Moon is full, it is completely lit by the Sun and that is why you have such intense dream experiences during a full Moon. When the  Moon is full, you are getting the full light of what’s going on within you and your every day three-dimensional life as communicated to you from your Multi-dimensional DreamSelf (the part of you who creates your everyday life and your dreams for you). It’s like your Dreamself is saying, hey, I’m creating our life through our dreams from the 10th-dimension of ourselves within and I need to send a super important message to the “us” who resides in the in 3rd dimension which is the “you” in your everyday, physical life.

The Moon mirrors and reflects the consciousness of Earth which are your everyday feelings and emotions. Your feelings and emotions are the connections from your physical Self on Earth in the 3rd dimension to your Multi-dimensional DreamSelf that lies in the 10th dimension of your own Self within. I’m attaching Figure 2.9 from my book, Dreamtime Dream Interpretation, which demonstrates how the energy of your everyday, three-dimensional physical “Earth” Self connects to your 10th-Dimensional Dreamself that orginates in the Milky Way Galaxy of Stars and beyond.

The reflective action of the Moon of solar light energy is how your DreamSelf knows exactly what is going on at any given moment within you and your life. The Moon acts as a reflecting feedback system sending your three-dimensional Earth feelings and emotions back to your stellar DreamSelf  Within. This is also why gazing at the full moon always puts you in touch with your deepest feelings. You are sending them directly to your 10th-dimensional DreamSelf Within!

Full Moon dreams always involve cleansing, purifying and regeneration dream symbols for what is happening within your everyday life. You will see dreams of bathrooms, bathing, washing your hair or clothes, eliminating, starting over and new life (baby symbols) as dream symbols when the Moon is full. If we did not have the reflective action of the Full Moon assisting our DreamSelf Within to create the cleansing and purifying symbols that we see in our dreams, our everyday, three-dimensional lives would become so bogged down that we wouldn’t be able to move forward or ahead in our everyday, physical life! So pay attention to your Full Moon dreams, learn to interpret them easliy using the Dreamtime Method and be thankful for the energy of our beautiful Full Moon. The Full Moon’s energy allows our Dreamself to create and communicate the energy of rest, rejuvenation and regeneration for our everyday, physical lives!

Terri Ullstrup

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