The Full Moon’s Power & Your Dreams

The Full Moon & Your Dreams
Guess what? There’s a Full Moon and here’s a common dream theme
that I always receive to interpret around Full Moons. The dreamer had
a dream that her teeth were falling out. Why do people experience
dreams like their teeth falling out when there is a Full Moon? First I must
tell you what I know from my experience of interpreting dreams around
the time of the Full Moon. The Moon is an extraordinary luminary that as
a satellite of Earth functions as a cleansing and regenerative power for
us in our daily lives. The Full Moon with its awesome silvery rays gently
falling to Earth provides cleansing, purification and regeneration for you
and your everyday life.

I have learned from my vast experience of interpreting dreams, that if
we did not have the reflective action of the Moon cleansing, purifying
and deleting old programs from our everyday lives, we would be so bogged
down that we wouldn’t be able to move forward. This means that the Full
Moon is your friend and your dreams will reflect that as your DreamSelf
communicates issues to you in your dreams that need cleansing, purifying
and releasing. With the Full Moon’s help you are able to regenerate and
renew yourself every 30 days! How wonderful is that!

I’ll now interpret a dream using my easy to do Dreamtime Method.
At the end of the interpretation I’ll include the dreamer’s
response. This will give you an example of how just understanding
what your dream means results in you changing your thinking about
yourself which allows you to transform your life!

The person has had a dream where their teeth are falling out.
The dreamer writes:
Dear Terri,
I had a dream where I looked in a mirror and could see my teeth
falling out. I tried to put them back in, but they wouldn’t stay
in and kept falling out. Is this a premonition that I’m going to
have trouble with my teeth? Please help!

Here is the interpretation I did using my easy to understand
Dreamtime Method.
Dear Dreamer,
Thank you for submitting your dream to me for interpretation.
As I begin, here’s some quick information about the Dreamtime
Method. The Dream Method is the “Multi-Dimensional” Thinking
Approach to accurate dream interpretation. So it is not Freudian,
Jungian or analytical. It is learning first that you are a Being of
many dimensions within, a physical and non-physical Spiritual
being which is where your dreams originate. It is then learning
to “think” from that non-physical perspective to easily and
accurately interpret your dreams. I refer to the non-physical,
multi-dimensional part of you within that creates your dreams
as your DreamSelf Within.

Your DreamSelf “thinks” that is the Creator of your everyday life and
of all the action and dream symbols in your dream. In saying that,
when creating your dream for you, your DreamSelf communicates
each dream symbol in your dream as though it represents a part or
ability from your everyday life. That means that your DreamSelf uses
everyday objects and events from your daily life to simply communicate
to you from your dreams.

I will now interpret your dream using the Dreamtime Method. The
normal definition of teeth in our everyday world can be
understood as physical incisors that allow you to chew and
digest your food. In your dream, you said you look in a mirror
and see that your teeth are falling out. This communication from
your DreamSelf is saying that right now you are losing your own
inner ability to chew and digest the spiritual food that is
nurturing you and your life. You said that you try to put your
teeth back in, but that they kept falling out. This is
symbolizing you having some awareness that you are losing your
ability to nurture yourself and are trying to remedy it, but
whatever you are doing, it is not working. As you can see from
how I interpreted your dream, this is not a premonition that you
are going to have trouble with your teeth in the future. It has
more to do with how you are feeding your inner Spirit which is
what in reality is creating your life!

Your dreams not only tell you what is going on within your
everyday life offering you excellent guidance, but just in
understanding what they mean, provide you with the energy to
move ahead. I would look in your next days after having this
dream for some insight to be available for you to create some
personal fulfillment in your life and make it happen!

Let’s see what the dreamer had to say about what I interpreted
for them.

Dear Terri,
What a relief in knowing that this dream didn’t mean I was going
to lose my teeth! I would have never thought that this dream
meant that I should nurture myself more. I feel this dream has
to do with my family life as I am the mother of 2 young sons.
My life right now from morning until night is taking care of
them. I have recently thought that I need to get some time for
myself, but always end up blowing it off thinking that would be
too frivolous for me to fit in right now. Your interpretation
has given me much to think about regarding making some time for
myself. I feel I am in need of doing this and plan to take some time
for myself now. Thanks so much for giving me such great insight
from this very scary dream!

Dreamers, as you can see from this dream interpretation, just
knowing what this dream meant was enough to make this dreamer
more aware of her needs which then changed her thinking about
herself. This in turn incentivizing her to take some action to help herself
in her daily life. After you dream your dream, the energy attained from
the dream (yes, your dreams are actual energy!) will bring in the
synchronicity you need so situations that you act on will work for you
and your life to create change.

Remember, your dreams are energy that contain information,
guidance and action that is so superior to anything
you may now be doing for your life that just “knowing” what
they mean changes your thinking about yourself. And that in
turn changes your everyday consciousness transforming
your life!

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