The Magician – Your DreamSelf Within

What if I told you someone is privately available to you who is free of charge and cansolve—and I mean solve—any and all problems in your life, immediately. I will describe this person as being like a Magician, an energy that can wave a magic wand and give you the most valuable information with which you can resolve, for example, the problem of why you worry all the time. Or why no matter how hard you work, you never have enough money. Or why you are working at a job that pays you well, but doesn’t really satisfy you creatively. Or why you are overweight or are starving yourself to stay thin. Or why you are drug- and/or alcohol-addicted. Or why you find yourself angry most of the time. Or why you feel stuck or lonely sometimes. Or why you may be in an abusive or dead-end relationship and are always afraid to make a change. Or why you sometimes feel empty and worthless, as though you don’t deserve anything better in your life. And even if you
did deserve better, why you still wouldn’t know the first thing of how to go about
changing it. Or finally, why, in your life right now, you aren’t verbalizing your needs to yourself or others, but just keep accepting things as they are.

What if I told you that all of this doesn’t matter and it’s not too late for you… that this Magician can give you the information you need to solve, change, and create whatever you want, right in the here and now, to make you healthier and happier, immediately! Do you think that would be a valuable person to get to know? If you said, “Yes,” and I’m sure you would, I will now introduce you to your own DreamSelf Within, who lives in the Dreamtime that’s located within you.
We all want someone to tell us what to do to solve the problems in our lives. We
want someone to tell us what to do to solve our troubles, and then we want that someoneto do it for us. If I can be really honest here, deep within, this is how most of us have felt at one time or another in our lives. What a hassle it is making the right changes and doing all the hard stuff that we need to do to make things better for ourselves. It would be so much easier and less painful to let someone else do it for us. Wouldn’t it?

Well, that person is available… right here and now. That person is deep within you, in your inner heart, your DreamSelf Within, the one who creates your dreams for you. By taking the time to consciously learn what your dreams mean, you are connecting to the part of yourself within who not only has all the answers you need to create the situations you want in your life, but who also provides the actual way for you to do it!

Copyright Dreamtime Dream Interpretation – Opening to Your Spiritual Sight Within Author Terri Ullstrup Excerpt Chapter One

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