The Origin of Your DreamSelf Within & Thinking “Multi-Dimensionally” using the Dreamtime Method of Dream Interpretation

Figure 2.8

Hi Dreamers,
Now that you understand the larger perspective of your DreamSelf Within, the next
step of the Dreamtime Method is to understand exactly where (from within you) your
expanded, unlimited multi-dimensional dream energy originates and comes from. Why?
By understanding the non-physical dimensions of where you and your DreamSelf
originate, you learn more about the creative energy and power of your whole
multi-dimensional Self that lies within!

Learning more about your multi-dimensional Self within allows you to expand the
concept of who you may think you are now to then transform the you of your current,
everyday three dimensional Self and your life. And in learning that your dreams and
DreamSelf are a multi-dimensional energy that creates your three-dimensional Self and
life, as you interpret your dreams and understand what they mean, I guarantee that you
will begin to wonder, just as I did, exactly where from within you your extraordinary
dream energy comes from! As you interpret your dreams and consciously understand
what these dreams mean, you’ll begin to think deeper and deeper about yourself, your
dreams, and your dream energy.

With this understanding, how do you move forward to find out what kind of energy
you and your dreams are made of? Well, you move forward by doing what you have
learned to do so far in this book, which is to think multi-dimensionally just as your
DreamSelf Within does!

You Thinking Multi-Dimensionally
To do this, let’s start with the multi-dimensional understanding you’ve just
learned . . . our physical third dimension is the slower vibrating energy of you and your
10th dimensional DreamSelf that lies within. This understanding puts forth the idea that
if all of the third dimension is the “mirror image” energy of you and your 10th dimensional
DreamSelf . . . then the energy in our physical world that you view as being farthest away
from your vision in the 3rd dimension has to be and is then closest to your DreamSelf’s
10th dimensional faster-vibrating core energy within.

The farthest physical elements of energy that one can see from the third dimension,
elements that appear to be outside of our Self in the physical world, are the stars, the sky
and our sun. Taking the cosmic energy of the stars, the sky, and of the sun, and thinking
multi-dimensionally, now look at figure 2.8 attached: “Your Dream Energy.”

Since the Milky Way Galaxy of stars is the farthest energy that you can physically
see from the 3rd dimension, when you think multi-dimensionally, this creates the
understanding that your non-physical DreamSelf’s 10th dimensional core energy
originates as nuclear star energy. Let me explain this further. The stars of our Milky
Way Galaxy are the farthest energy one can visualize as being away from their physical view
in the third-dimension. Because our third dimension is the slower vibrating energy of our 10th dimensional DreamSelf that lies within, the furthest energy you can visualize from the 3rd dimension
is the closest to our DreamSelf’s core energy. Thinking in this multi-dimensional way, this
postulates that your DreamSelf and dreams must then originate as nuclear star energy vibration.
Remember earlier when I said that all energy is governed by the Universal Law of
Attraction, the rule that like energy attracts like energy? Your dreams, as energy, are
directed in exactly the same way! As your DreamSelf and dream energy originate as
nuclear star energy, they are then attracted to the next similar energy on their spiraling
pathway of energy vibration towards Earth.

The next closest similar energy from the nuclear star energy of the Milky Way
Galaxy on its pathway of vibration towards Earth is the nuclear solar energy of the Sun.
To get a clearer picture of this thought, look again now at figure 2.8. This figure
illustrates for you how the nuclear star energy of the Milky Way Galaxy, as it spirals out
vibrating on its energy pathway, then connects to the Sun as solar energy.

Now we all understand how solar energy radiates to the Earth as light energy
vibration. Putting all of the above cosmic energy connections together, this understanding
means that what you are perceiving as your dreams in the third dimension originates
within you as nuclear star energy vibration. As the star energy vibration (that is your
dreams) spirals on its pathway, it then connects as energy vibration to the energy of our
Sun. The Sun’s solar light energy vibration then radiates to Earth and that energy, in
multi-dimensional reality, is what you are perceiving in the third dimension as your dreams.

Copyrght Excerpt taken from Chapter 2 Dreamtime Dream Interpretation – Opening to Your Spiritual Sight Within Auhtor: Terri Ullstrup

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