The Triangle for Transformation Within You!

Figure 7.1 Triangle

Hi Dreamers,

In my last post to you, I went through the Triangle for Transforming, your Multi-Dimensional Magic Wand within. In this post, I’m going to give you a quick summary of the steps for consciously engaging the Triangle for Transforming.

Here’s what to do!

Identify the energy in your dream (or everyday life) that you want (or need) to “own” as your own Self. Really look at what it is that makes you feel negative about the energy. If the energy in your dream is positive, but you feel uncomfortable about it mirroring you, identify that energy.

Think of how this energy has in the past or present or could possibly in the future help and assist you in your life. Try to look at how this energy may be perceived by you as being of value to assist you within yourself and life.

After you do the “Triangle,” try to be aware of how this energy you have identified doesn’t present itself as an issue in your dreams or within you and your three-dimensional life anymore. Try to understand that, after doing the Triangle, this denied aspect of yourself has now been integrated within—creating the consciousness of a new transformed and whole “you.” 

Copyright: Dreamtime Dream Interpretation – Opening to Your Spiritual Sight Within Excerpt: Chapter 7                                                                                                                                            Author: Terri Ullstrup 


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