The Two Specific Functions of Your Dreams and Dream Symbols (using th Dreamtime Method of Dream Interpretation)

Hi Dreamers,
I’ve been telling you about how you can understand and then look at yourself as being “Multi-Dimensional” to understand your dreams accurately because your dreams orginate from a higher
vibrating, non-physical “dimension” of your own self within!

In stating that your dreams are a multi-dimensional energy that your DreamSelf
also perceives as being your and its physical, three dimensional energy, your dream
symbols perform two specific functions in your everyday, physical life:

#1 Your dreams and dream symbols, as energy, are a communication from your
DreamSelf that tell you exactly what’s going on in your everyday life.

#2 Your non-physical dream energy as it slows down and becomes physical,
three dimensional energy, also creates. Your dream energy creates in the
third dimension by attracting into you and your next day, after dreaming
your dream, more and similar physical energy to accomplish and manifest
(make happen) whatever your dream is addressing. It is in this way that
your dreams as energy create your everyday physical Self and life!

When I first began interpreting other people’s dreams for them, I could tell, from
interpreting their dreams, that these individuals were somehow being impulsed and
triggered into action in their waking life by their dream symbols after they had
dreamed them. Here’s what I mean by this. You know how you can have a dream where you
may be having an argument with someone and then you wake up feeling angry? Or maybe
you’ve had a pleasant dream and then wake up feeling happy and at peace?
I knew that after dreaming our dream symbols, we were somehow being affected
by them and that this then went on into our physical day to correspond to emotion and
action. Since most people do not interpret their dreams consciously, I knew that they had
to be getting the benefit of their dreams somehow, whether they understood them or not.
But how was this happening? I wondered about this for years. As time went on and as I
interpreted other people’s dreams for them, they would often tell me, “What you have
interpreted for me is exactly what is going on in my life!” Finally, over the years, I put
these two understandings together and a light came on. The reason the dream interpretations
I interpreted for other people captured what was going on in their lives was because their
dreams, as energy, were actively creating their three-dimensional lives!

I learned, as noted, that your dreams as your own multi-dimensional/three dimensional energy
create by attracting in similar physical energy, which then manifests what you know as the energy
that is you, your physical Self, and your life. This means that your dreams as the conscious
thoughts (magnetic energy) of you and your DreamSelf are creating and drawing to you
and your physical life the three dimensional energy of whatever you are dreaming about.

We in the third dimension think that we live out our physical day and then go to
sleep and dream. It’s just the opposite! You non-physically dream first and then you
experience the physical third dimension as a result! Now when speaking to people about
their dreams, I explain their non-physical dream energy comes first! Your dream energy
(your faster vibrating non-physical 10th dimensional DreamSelf Within) creates your
dream symbols, and you then wake up to the slower vibrating energy of your created
physical Self and life in the third dimension.

Copyright Excerpt Chapter Two: Dreamtime Dream Interpretation – Opening to Your Spiritual Sight Within
Author: Terri Ullstrup

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