Understanding Multi-Dimensional “Time” Within using the Dreamtime Method of Dream Interpretation

Hi Dreamers,
Thinking about your DreamSelf’s unlimited perspective, reminds me of a question people
often ask me. They want to know when they have a dream, is that dream relevant to today or
is the dream referring to another time possibly the past? They also ask me how long do
the effects of a dream stay with you? If you had a dream today, would it be referring to
something in the next few days or to the future? Now that you are understanding your DreamSelf’s “panoramic perspective” of you and your three-dimensional life, the best way
to answer those questions is to take a look at the concept of what we in the third dimension
know and call time.

In our solid, physical third dimension, we count time as linear or in a successive
way of thinking and understanding. We have yesterday or the past. We have now or today.
And then we have tomorrow or what we consider to be our future. Because the third
dimension is the extended, slower vibrating energy of your 10th dimensional Self,
your DreamSelf looks at time in the third dimension as being non-linear or as having no
time line. That means from your DreamSelf’s multi-dimensional perspective, regarding how
it communicates your dreams to you, time is thought of as existing only in the now.
When we speak, in the third dimension, of a past experience, we think of something
that has occurred previously or that is not part of our present experience. From your
multi-dimensional DreamSelf’s perspective, because the third dimension is the slower vibrating
energy of your (and its) non-linear 10th dimensional energy, a past experience that you may
have had in the third dimension is not considered as something that is separate or apart
from you now. From your DreamSelf’s perspective, because it possesses such a large
multi-dimensional view of yourself, it does not consider an experience you may have had
in the past as being separate, but rather as being the sum total of the whole multi-dimensional
you that you are now.

Thinking non-linearly, or as though everything that ever was is existing in your
now, your DreamSelf looks at you as though you are the past or as though you are now
the culmination of what you may have been or done in the past. An example would be that
all of the talents and abilities that you have garnered in any past life or experience, your
DreamSelf Within knows that they all exist and are here within you now.
In speaking of the future, from our third-dimensional perspective, the future is the
thought of an intention to create or do something at another given time. But from your
multi-dimensional DreamSelf’s non-linear way of thinking, “intention” is what is creating
your now in the present moment. How this can be understood is that from your inner
DreamSelf’s way of thinking through Universal Law, your magnetic energy of thought is
what is creating and attracting your present everyday three dimensional life right here in
the moment! In saying this, from your DreamSelf’s view, what you are currently thinking
is what is creating your now… in the now! This means that your three-dimensional
intention to create (a.k.a. the future) is what is, in multi-dimensional reality, creating
your present everyday physical reality instantly!

In understanding your multi-dimensional DreamSelf’s non-linear way of thinking,
my answer regarding the effect of people’s dreams on themselves and their lives is that
your dream energy through the Law of Attraction is creating your three-dimensional
reality, your now, so your dream’s content is what in our physical world is the past, the
present, and the future! This also means that because your dreams are a non-linear,
multi-dimensional energy, you, your dream energy, and DreamSelf are eternal with no beginning
or end! Thus as you use the Dreamtime Method and interpret your dreams, you internalize
your dream energy consciously and begin to live your life as your DreamSelf Within does,
which is in the present moment. You will be living only in the “now.”

Copyright Excerpt taken from Chapter 2, Dreamtime Dream Interpretation – Opening to Your Spiritual Sight Within Author: Terri Ullstrup www.dreaminterpretation.com

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