Understanding Your Male and Female Energy Within

Hi Dreamers,

Understanding what male(s) and female(s) mean when you see them in your dreams using the Dreamtime Method of dream interpretation is important as you see them all the time in your dreams. They are basic information given to you by your DreamSelf all the time in dreams!

As I said earlier, the dream symbols of a man (or men) and a woman (or women) are universally common in dreams. A point I want you to understand is that whether you are a male or a female in waking reality, within your total and whole multi-dimensional Self, you possess both “male and female” energy.

A dream symbol of a man as a communication from your DreamSelf always represents whethe you are male or female dreaming of it, your “male energy” within or “your ability to act” in your life.

 A dream symbol of a woman communicated from your DreamSelf always represents whether you are a male or female dreaming of it, your  “female energy” within or your ability to be “receptive, creative, and intuitive” in your everyday life.

 Remember, that these two energies added together make you total, whole and is who you are! You will see your male and female energy clearly presented to you as  dream communications from your DreamSelf with the figure(s) of a man (or men) and a woman (or women) in your dreams.

Copyright Dreamtime Dream Interpretation – Opening to Your Spiritual Sight Within   Excerpt: Chapter 3

Author: Terri Ullstrup    www.dreaminterpretation.com




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