What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Other People that You Know?


Hi Dreamers,
People always ask me what does it mean when you dream of other people that you know in your daily living in your dreams? Other people in your dream can be anyone you know or people who you don’t personally know, celebrities, politicians, or anyone. When people dream of other people in their dreams, they always want to insist that the dream is about the person(s) they are dreaming about and not themselves. Just the opposite is true!

Your DreamSelf Within creates your dreams as though every dream symbol in your
dream is an aspect and ability of yourself. So in order to interpret your dream accurately and multi-dimensionally, you must do the same. When you dream about someone else in your dream, whatever you feel about the person(s) you are dreaming about interprets to mean that you are now exhibiting those same characteristics and traits comparably. This means that whatever you think and associate in waking reality with the person(s) you are dreaming about, they are then representing and symbolizing what you should be understanding you possess similarly within yourself.

In my next Dreamtime Dream Interpretation Blog Post to you, I’ll interpret a dream where the dreamer told me what they felt about the other people in their dream. This important dream interpretation post will be a good example of how you should understand and interpret “other people” when you see them in your dreams.

Terri Ullstrup

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