What Does My Dream Mean? Interpreting Your Dream Using the Dreamtime Dream Interpretation Method!

Hi Dreamers,
Here’s a dream interpreted using the Dreamtime Method of Dream Interpretation.

Dear Dreamtime,

I had a dream that I was standing at the seashore and some children drowned. What does this dream mean?

Dear Dreamer,

Thank you for submitting your dream for to me to interpret. As I begin, here’s some quick information about the Dreamtime Method. The Dream Method is not Freudian, Jungian or analytical. It is an easy to do and learn common-sensical approach that teaches you how to interpret your dreams from the perspective of the part of you within that creates them. I call this your inner heart, which is your multi-dimensional DreamSelf Within.

Your Multi-Dimensional DreamSelf (and dreams) originate from the faster vibrating 10th-Dimensional energy of your own Self within. As your 10th-dimensional energy slows down it vibration, it then transforms into you and your physical life in the 3rd dimension. Your  DreamSelf “thinks” it is the creator of you and your everyday life in the physical world because it is!

Understanding the above, your DreamSelf thinks and communicates each of your dream symbols as though they are an “aspect” or “part” from your everyday 3-dimensional life. Your DreamSelf thinks in this way because the 3rd-dimension, the physical world is the slower-moving energy of your 10th-dimensional DreamSelf.

That means that as I interpret a dream using the Dreamtime Method, I will explain each  dream symbol as though it is an aspect or part of the dreamer’s everyday life which gives them an absolutely accurate interpretation of their dream (as it was created).

I’ll now use the Dreamtime Method to interpret your dream. In your dream you were standing by the seashore. The action of “standing” in a dream is communicating ‘where  you now stand’ regarding whatever issue your dream is bringing up in your life.

Water as a dream symbol is always symbolizing your emotional Self within. The seashore as a dream symbol is communicating from your inner DreamSelf, your vast creative  emotional energy that you possess from within. It also symbolizes the wide possibilities of what you can/could create with your inner energies and then to manifest them in your everyday three-dimensional life.

Children as a dream symbol are representing your young and yet to be developed talents and abilities much as children are just growing up in life and developing themselves into adulthood. The “female” children would be representing your yet to be or developing  talents, abilities and creativity.  The “male” children would be symbolizing your inner ability to act and take action on them.

In your dream you said some of the children drowned. ‘Drowning’ as a dream symbol action in your dream is symbolizing/mirroring you, in your everyday life, being overwhelmed and overcome emotionally with the thoughts of taking action on your yet to be developed, possibly developing talents, abilities and creativity.

In summary, this dream is communicating from your DreamSelf that right now in your everyday living, your position in life (where you stand) is that regarding acting on your talents and creativity the thought of doing this is overwhelming you emotionally and drowning your ability to move ahead.

Your dreams not only tell you what is going on within your everyday life offering you excellent guidance, but as the energy that is “creating your life” in the 3rd dimension  provides you with the solutions and answers of whatever your dream is addressing.  This means that I would look in your next day(s) after having this dream for the help and assistance you need to understand why the thoughts of taking action on whatever  you have been thinking of creating (clarification) is causing you so much emotional  distress that it is close to drowning you. Then I feel you will have the answer to what this very important dream communication is saying to you.

Your multi-dimensional DreamSelf that gave you this dream and that creates your dreams for you and your life in the 3rd dimension is not separate from you. Your DreamSelf is the same you that lives within you during your waking reality. Your DreamSelf is, however, a multi-dimensional and unlimited part of yourself within that knows and has access to all things.   It knows exactly what you need to do in your life to be whole and fulfilled from within. You can trust its extraordinary advice to you!

 *Let’s see what the dreamer had to say about what I interpreted for them.

Dear Terri,

Never would I have thought that my dreams would tell me exactly what is now going on   within my life. I am stunned about this!  After reading your dream interpretation, I need no clarification as I know what you are talking about.

I have been married for 27 years and have been a housewife and stay at home Mom. I feel   that although this was good for awhile, life now is passing me by. The thought of going out  and trying to get a job and do something worthwhile has got me terrified. I don’t know what I might be qualified for and it’s giving me much distress.

Reading your dream interpretation meaning has made me realize how much worry and   stress thinking about this is causing me. I appreciate your ‘right on’ interpretation and am   going to try and lighten up on myself. I think that may help me relax and not be so freaked  out about trying to make a change in this day and age so centered on being young. Thank  you again for your help.

Dreamers, as you can see from this dream interpretation, just knowing what this dream meant by interpreting it accurately (and easily) created a connection/knowing within this dreamer of important issues that were causing her emotional distress. Having a dream interpretation that validated exactly what was going on within the dreamer’s life, gave her deep awareness that her emotional distress was not helping her to move ahead, but drowning it. This important interpretation made her aware to lighten up on herself so she could get some clear answers for moving forward with her life.

Your dreams are energy that contain information, guidance and action that is so superior  to anything you may now be doing for your life that just “knowing” what they mean changes your thinking about yourself. And changing your thinking about yourself allows new thinking and thoughts to come in about you and your life.  After you dream your dream, the energy attained brings in the synchronicity you need so situations work for you in life.                       

Tired of struggling? The supernatural energy of your own Multi-Dimensional Self really does manifest within you and your life after you learn to interpret your dreams. Your DreamSelf is longing to have you understand what it is trying to say to you in your dreams so that you can accelerate your life goals and move ahead quickly.  Do yourself a favor now and learn what your dreams are trying to say to you.  It will be an investment of your time that is invaluable, just as you are!

Copyright: Terri Ullstrup Author


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