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Hi, I’m Terri Ullstrup, Author of Dreamtime Dream Interpretation. My Award-Winning Dreamtime Dream Interpretation book teaches you the easy to do and accurate Dreamtime Method to interpret your dreams.

Here’s some quick information about the Dreamtime Method. The Dream Method is the “Multi-Dimensional” Thinking Approach to accurate dream interpretation. So it is not Freudian, Jungian or analytical. And learning to “think multi-dimensionally” is simple. It is learning first that you are a Being of many dimensions within, a physical and non-physical Spiritual being which is where your dreams originate. It is then learning to “think” from that non-physical perspective to easily and accurately interpret your dreams. I refer to the non-physical, multi-dimensional part of you within that creates your dreams for you as your DreamSelf Within.

Your DreamSelf “thinks” that is the Creator of your everyday life and of all the action and dream symbols in your dream. In saying that, when creating your dream for you, your DreamSelf communicates each dream symbol in your dream as though it represents a part or ability from your everyday life. That means that your DreamSelf uses everyday objects and events from your daily life to simply communicate to you from your dreams. Let me give you a quick dream symbol example using my simple Dreamtime Method to interpret your dream.

Imagine in your dream, you are driving in a car. A “car” in our everyday living is a vehicle that moves us (in life) from “place to place”. Understanding this, driving a car in a dream is communicating the same message to you. It is showing you how you are now moving from place to place in your everyday life.

So let’s take a look at the car you are driving in your dream. Are you driving a Mercedes?  This message/commuication from your inner DreamSelf would interpret to mean that you are now moving through your life with abundance, wealth and prestige, much like what you’d think  and associates with a Mercedes when you see one being driven down the road.

Or is the car in your dream a convertible? This dream message from your DreamSelf would interpret to mean that you are now moving through your life quickly, with efficiency and flexibility. Again, when we usually think of a convertible, we associate it as being a fast (efficient) car that you can drive with the top up or down (making you flexible)!

Or is the car in your dream a jalopy? Interpreting to mean that right now in your everyday living, possibly you are not valuing your “inner worth” which is resulting in you moving along in life “poorly” where you feel that the current use of your talents and abilities doesn’t allow you to afford much.

As you can see from these few dream symbol examples I’ve given you here, learning the Dreamtime Method of dream interpretation is neither difficult nor hard to do, along with being very accurate for receiving important dream communications/messages from your inner DreamSelf for you and your everyday life.

But I have saved the best information regarding your dreams and the power of their energy for last!

Your dreams not only communicate and tell you what’s going on in your everyday life, but the actual “energy” of your dreamed dream provides the 3-Dimensional (physical) way to resolve whatever your dream is bringing up! And all you have to do to get this extraordinary benefit (from your dream), is to learn how to interpret them and know what they mean!

So you may ask me now, how can this be? You’re saying I just have to interpret my dream and know what it is saying to me (means), and that knowing/information/energy, on its own, will then magically transform my life? I say YES to this and here’s what I have discovered and why I know THIS is the TRUTH.

Your Multi-Dimensional DreamSelf (and dreams) originate from a faster-vibrating, non-physical 10th-Dimensional energy of your own Self within. As your 10th Dimensional energy slows down in vibration, it then becomes physical transforming into you and your everyday life in the 3rd dimension. If you find this hard to believe, I’ve put a super, quick video together that explains just this and is attached to this post if you want to learn more.

I have found over my many years of interpreting dreams and then writing my Dreamtime Dream Interpretation book that your dreams and dream symbols not only tell and communicate exactly what is going on within your life, but as your own actual “10th-Dimensional energy” from within, go on in your next day and days after dreaming them to draw in more and similar “3-Dimensional, physical energy” to address/resolve whatever your dream is bringing up. In saying this, if you are driving in a Mercedes in your dream (as we talked about above), you should look in your day(s) after dreaming the “Mercedes dream” for an abundance of energy to surround you to create whatever wealth (and that can be anything, money, friends, love, a new job) you now desire.

And, for example, in the dream where you may be driving a jalopy, you would look in your day(s) after having this dream for the energy  to come into your life that allows you to focus more on your own inner self-worth and your deep understanding of it, to then address why you are now where you are (in a jalopy) so you can alter and change it.

The value of learning to interpret your dreams is certainly to accurately understand what your dreams and DreamSelf are communicating/saying to you. But your dreams  being the Creative Energy of your life, also exists for you to live up to your “potential” and create the best life you can imagine in the 3rd dimension.

To understand this further, you must remember that you dream first (which is the Creative energy of your own Divine, 10th dimensional, non-physical DreamSelf).  And then as your non-physical energy slows down in vibration, it transforms into what you know as your everyday, (created) physical life in the 3rd dimension. Your job is to then use, “put to work” so to say, the energy of your 10th dimensional DreamSelf to create the best life you can have in your everyday, physical world!

This means that your dream symbols (as energy) create your everyday, three-dimensional Self and Life. So pay attention to them and use that energy to help yourself live up to your potential (as it is happening anyway!). Such is the power of your dreams!

Want to learn more about your powerful DreamSelf that is creating your everyday life in the 3rd dimension? Go to www.dreaminterpretation now and purchase Dreamtime Dream Interpretation in print or e-Book form. You’ll never regret learning more about yourself and your dreams. Why? Because you are a “Multi-Dimensional” Being who is extraordinary!

Terri Ullstrup

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