Why Knowing What Your Dreams Mean Changes You

Hi Dreamers,

Dreamers, do you know that once you learn to interpret your dreams and connect your dream information to your everyday life that you’re never the same? The reason that this happens for you is two-fold.

When you finally, really lean to interpret your dreams and know what they mean (using the easy to do Dreamtime Method of Dream Interpretation!), you’ll #1 be awestruck at how your last night’s dream relates to your next waking day life. Most people  think of their dreams as being silly and illogical with no real connection to themselves or their everyday lives. But when you use a method as I have developed (where I have broken the dream code) you will realize that your dream definitely means something. From the ideas people have of themseves and their dreams,  who would have really thought that?

Next you will say not only is it extraordinary that my dream relates exactly to what is going on within my life, but just where in the hell is my dream coming from? Creating this kind of thinking about yourself changes you and that is how understanding what your dreams mean changes you.

Understanding that your dreams are extraordinary means that you are extraordinary and thinking of yourself as “extraordinary” changes you. It also makes you understand that you are not just a “Being” of the 3rd dimension and there’s much more to you than you see. And just how extraordinary is that?

Terri Ullstrup





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