You as a Multi-Dimensional Energy Being

Figure 2.3

Figure 2.4

Hi Dreamers,

In my last post to you I blogged about how you and your dream energy are really “Multi-Dimensional Energy” and how to understand yourself and them in that way.  I’ll continue our exciting discussion here!

I want you to look at  figure 2.3 attached that is  labeled “You As An ‘Energy Being.’” In this illustration, imagine that the figure in the picture is you looking at yourself as total energy.

Just beyond the outer, dark outline of the figure, imagine yourself existing at a very high or fast rate of vibrational frequency. This outer form represents you and your dream energy within where you perceive it in the third- dimension as being non-physical or invisible.

Now look at the area inside the outline of the form in figure 2.3,  I want you to imagine that this is your faster vibrating, non-physical energy (the energy outside the form in the picture) that is now slowing down in vibration where it then becomes physical and visible in the third-dimension. The area inside the form is you and your higher vibrating, non-physical energy in a slowed down state of vibration which then creates, becomes and is the energy of the physical, three-dimensional world. The illustration in figure 2.3 says that the area inside the outline of the form is your energy existing at slow rate of vibration which is being perceived by you (in the everyday, physical world) as your three-dimensional Self and life.

To further define the visualization that I just gave you of yourself as energy, I now want you to look at figure 2.4 attached:  “Multi-Dimensional’ DreamSelf As A Total And Whole Energy Being.” Figure 2.4 is a side-look view of figure 2.3 that was just illustrated.

In figure 2.4, as you look at the left side of this picture, starting with what is labeled the 10th dimension (10-D), I want you to imagine that this is the center of your non-physical energy Self within. This is your energy where it is being perceived as invisible and is vibrating at a very high and fast rate of vibrational frequency.

Now as you look from left to right in figure 2.4, as your non-physical energy slows down in vibration, it extends from the 10th dimension (10-D) through all the other dimensions (9, 8, 7, 6, 5, and 4D) of yourself within, where it then becomes visible or what you are now perceiving as the physical 3rd dimension, (you, your physical Self and life).

The 3rd dimension in this illustration is your inner energy at a slowed down rate of vibrational frequency and, as noted above, is what you are now recognizing as the physical “you” of your everyday life.

The non-physical (or invisible) part of you within that exists from the 4th through the 10th dimension in figure 2.4 is what I now want you to know and understand as your inner Self, your Divine Self, your DreamSelf Within. This is the part of you that creates your non-physical dreams and your subsequent created physical, three-dimensional Self and life. All of the “non-physical dimensions” of yourself within are what I call and refer to as The Dreamtime.

The Dreamtime, then, is the faster-vibrating, non-physical dimensions of your
energy, which is also your DreamSelf Within. Visualizing and thinking about yourself as noted above, begins to demonstrate to you how you may now start to perceive yourself as a multi-dimensional Energy Being or as a “Being” of many dimensions within. Looking at yourself in this expanded way allows you to understand that you are not just a Being who exists only in the physical 3rd dimension. This illustration shows how you may now think and understand yourself as a Being who lives in many dimensions of vibrational energy within (which you do)!

As you begin to think and conceptualize yourself as a Being of many dimensions of energy within (as described in figures 2.3 & 2.4), it is important to understand that all of the non-physical and physical dimensions of yourself are always vibrating together in concert and at once!

To clarify this thought further, think of the energies of your non-physical and physical Self existing as corresponding dimensions of energy together. Your energy dimensions vibrate faster to slower, but always simultaneously. This understanding says that even though the many dimensions of your energy Self may be vibrating at different rates of energy frequency, you, as a total energy Being, always exist as one. This means that even though you are awake in the 3rd dimension and living out your day, you always (at any time) have access to the other simultaneously vibrating dimensions of yourself within. In fact, your desire now to understand what your dreams mean consciously is, in multi-dimensional reality, your inner DreamSelf’s wish for you to get to
know and recognize your non-physical Self within!

Copyright: Excerpt Dreamtime Dream Interpretation  Author: Terri Ullstrup


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