Your DreamSelf as a Complete and Eternal System Within

The Sun & Moon

Figure 2.9

Hi Dreamers,
To further illustrate where from within you your dream energy originates, turn now
to figure 2.9 attached: “Your Multi-Dimensional DreamSelf As A Complete System Eternally Sustaining Itself”

Starting with the head of the figure, this illustration shows how you and your
DreamSelf’s 10th dimensional energy and consciousness originate as nuclear star energy vibration from and beyond our Milky Way Galaxy band of stars. Figure 2.9 illustrates how the stellar light energy vibrations that are your dreams may be visualized as the “thinking and thoughts” of you and your 10th dimensional DreamSelf that lies within.

Figure 2.9 then illustrates how you and your DreamSelf’s thoughts (stellar/star light vibrations) transmit through the Universal Law of Attraction, spiraling as light energy vibration to the Sun.

What you are experiencing as your dreams in the third dimension are, in multi-dimensional reality, light energy vibrations from our Sun. The solar light which is your dreams, then enters the spiraling light encoded filaments of the DNA of your physical body and that is how you are getting the information that is being transmitted to you when you wake up remembering you had a dream. Your DreamSelf, through solar light energy vibration, communicates unlimited information—unlimited to you as its inner thoughts, which are your dreams.

The above understanding says that your dreams are then light information transfers
of energy that are a communication of information from yourself in your non-physical, multi-dimensional form to yourself in your physical, three dimensional form. Your dream symbols are light energy vibrations that carry information from the faster vibrating 10th dimensional form of yourself within, to the slower vibrating energy of your physical Self that exists here in the third dimension. Understanding your dreams as solar light that is information, then means that solar light is a carrier and transmitter of information. Solar light multi-dimensionally is information. Light is information!

The Moon’s Reflective Role in Our Dreams
When I say that our dreams are the conscious thinking and thoughts of information
from our DreamSelf that come to us in the form of solar light, you may wonder how we physically get the solar light that is our dreams when the Sun isn’t shining on us as we sleep at night?

We receive the solar light transmissions of information that are our dreams from
our DreamSelf Within through the action of the Moon. I now want you to look again at figure 2.9. The Moon, a satellite of Earth, performs as a screen-like filter to all of the planets surrounding Earth, including our Sun. The Moon has no light of its own. The Moon reflects solar light energy from the Sun to the Earth and that is how (as illustrated for you in figure 2.9 attached) while we sleep, we experience the sun’s light energy of information as our dreams.

When the Moon is full, it is completely lit by the Sun and that is why you have such intense dream experiences during a full Moon. When the Moon is full, you are getting the full light of your DreamSelf Within. This could be imagined as though a flashlight is being shined on you to get your conscious attention of what is going on within you and your life through your dreams.

The Moon mirrors and reflects the consciousness of Earth. Your feelings and
emotions are the connection from your physical Self on Earth to your multi-dimensional DreamSelf that lies within. The reflective action of the Moon of solar light energy is how your DreamSelf knows exactly what is going on at any given moment within you and your life. The Moon acts as a reflecting feedback system sending your three dimensional Earth feelings and emotions back to your stellar DreamSelf that originates in the Milky Way Galaxy band of stars and beyond. This is also why gazing at the full moon always puts you in touch with your deepest feelings. You are sending them directly to your DreamSelf Within!

If we did not have the reflective action of the Moon cleansing, purifying, and
deleting old programs from our three dimensional lives, we would be so bogged down that we wouldn’t be able to move forward. So if you see a lot of cleansing and purification symbols in your dreams such as bathing, washing, or eliminating, you can bet and know it’s a full moon! Two weeks after a full moon, the new moon will often show you dream themes of rebirth because a new moon heralds a new cycle of energy for you and your three-dimensional life. New moon dream themes usually have symbols of babies and children. The dream symbol of a baby or babies in your dream represents rebirth taking place within you and your life. Children as dream symbols represent your young and yet to be developed talents and abilities within. Very interesting!

In summary, looking again at figure 2.9, this over-all illustration shows that located within is your unlimited, multi-dimensional DreamSelf that is a complete system that eternally sustains Itself! This illustration also demonstrates how the energies of the Milky Way Galaxy of Stars, the Sun, and our Earth are mirror image multi-dimensional energies located and being reflected from within you!

Copyright Excerpt taken from Chapter 2 Dreamtime Dream Interpretation – Opening to You Spiritual Sight Within Author: Terri Ullstrup

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