Your DreamSelf Is Your North Star Within . . .True, Unchanging, a “Guide”

Hi Dreamers,
You have learned that the Dreamtime Method of Dream Interpretation is getting your dream information from your Source! The Dreamtime Method teaches you to think as your DreamSelf Within does, the part of your own Self Within that creates your dreams, to multi-dimensionally and accurately interpret them.

You have specifically learned that to think as your DreamSelf Within does, you
must imagine that you are the central creator of your dreamed dream. That to accurately interpret each of your dream symbols, you must think of each one of them as though you created them. This understanding means that you must think of each of your dream symbols as a created physical aspect and ability of your own Self within.

As I explained in previous posts, as you use your DreamsSelf’s way of thinking to
interpret your dreams and consciously connect the information and guidance of them to your everyday Self and life, you raise your physical vibration in the third dimension to that of your 10th dimensional DreamSelf Within. This in turn brings to your everyday waking consciousness the mind-expanding awareness that if you are the creator of your 10th dimensional dream energy, you are also the creator of your three-dimensional physical Self and life. That all you see and experience in your dreams and subsequent physical world are really created aspects of you coming from the multi-dimensional power of you.

Copyright: Dreamtime Dream Interpretation – Opening To Your Spiritual Sigt Within
Author: Terri Ullstrup

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