Your DreamSelf’s Thinking & Consciousness, Your Spiritual Sight Within

Figure 3.2

Hi Dreamers,

The Dreamtime Method of interpreting your dreams is learning to think and  understand your dreams just as your multi-dimensional DreamSelf Within does so that you can interpret them accurately. As you interpret your dreams using the Dreamtime Method and consciously connect the information and guidance of them to your everyday Self and life, you absorb the faster vibrating light energy of your DreamSelf Within, raising your physical vibration in the third dimension to that of your 10th dimensional  Self.

As this happens, the heightened vibration of your DreamSelf Within opens your Third-Eye Chakra energy which in turn activates your Crown Chakra energy. Your  Crown Chakra energy is your Creator Energy Within, your Spiritual Sight, the superconsciousness of you and your DreamSelf Within. 

Turn now to Figure 3.2 attached. Figure 3.2 2 is your Multi-Dimensional DreamSelf’s  “View and Perspective”. I am showing you this visual because I want you to now look at Figure 3.2 as being an illustrated definition of your DreamSelf’s 1oth dimensional Crown and Third-Eye chakra energies, your Spiritual Sight Within.

Spiritual Sight is your conscious three-dimensional understanding that all energy that you now perceive as being outside of yourself and your physical body in the third-dimension is, in multi-dimensional reality, being created and coming from the faster vibrating, non-physical energy of your 10th dimensional Self, your DreamSelf Within.

 This understanding says that as your DreamSelf’s 10th dimensional energy slows in vibration becoming the third-dimension,  your DreamSelf accordingly perceives all energies of the third dimension as being actual physical aspects and abilities of you and itself. Your DreamSelf thinks in this way because multi-dimensionally, these energies are!

In Figure 3.2, you can visualize this by seeinghow your 10th dimensional DreamSelf, as it looks into its and your “three-dimensional mirror,” views all energies of the physical world as being aspects of ts (and your) 10th multi-dimensional power from within.

The above understanding of Spiritual Sight translates to mean that as your DreamSelf creates your dreams for you, it thinks of your dream symbols as though each is then an actual aspect of the physical power, energy and ability o you and itself. And for you to interpret your dream symbols multi-dimensionally and accurately, you must think and perceive your dream symbols in the very same way!

Copyright Excerpt taken from Chapter 3, Dreamtime Dream Interpretation – Opening to Your Spiritual Sight Within                                                                                                                                                         Author: Terri Ullstrup                                                                                                                            



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