Your Amazing Results Interpreting Your Dreams Using the Dreamtime Method of Dream Interpretation


Dreamers,                                                                                                                                                                                                                       In my previous posts to you, we’ve been using the Dreamtime Method to interpret dream sentences from your dreams to show you the easy and accurate it is!

Let’s continue on now and add the two previous dreams sentences from our previous post together  to see what our DreamSelf Within is communicating as a “whole” thought in this dream so far. 

My written dream = I dreamed I saw a man. The man swept the floor.

The Dreamtime interpretation is saying:                                                                                                                                                                  My DreamSelf says that within my thinking and thoughts which is creating my now . . .

I dreamed (within myself and my life right now) I saw a man (I am seeing the need to act and take action). The man (I need to put some action) was sweeping (into cleaning up) the floor (the foundation of myself and my life within).

Let’s put these two dream sentences and their interpretations together without the dream symbols/words added in:

Within myself and my life right now, I am seeing the need to act and take action. I need to clean up the foundation of myself and my life within.

From these two simple dream sentences above that we just interpreted using the Dreamtime Method, we have learned some very valuable information! If you had dreamed this dream, you would now know that there is action needed to be taken in your immediate, everyday life. And your dream interpretation has specifically told you how to take this action, which is by making a “clean sweep” (sweeping with the broom) of whatever it is that is now cluttering the foundation of your life (the floor).

You received this “complete thought” of information and guidance from you DreamSelf by writing your dream symbol/sentences out in the order that they occurred in your dream.

You then took each dream symbol in your dream sentence in that order and used the Dreamtime Method to interpret each one of them. You then added all of the dream interpretations together in the order they occurred, to give yourself a comprehensive and “accurate” interpretation of your dream.

I remember the amazement I felt (and still do) when I first started using my simple Dreamtime Method to interpret my dreams and got accurate information that matched exactly what was happeningin y life! I wondered where this information was coming from and it made me want to know more and more about my dreams.

 As you interpret your dreams, you will learn “more and more” from your inner DreamSelf which opens up the big door of the unlimited multi-dimensional you! It’s very exciting and as you do the fun, easy Dreamtime Method of interpreting your dreams, because your dream energy is your own supernatural energy coming from within, it leads to a completely expanded and transformed everyday, three-dimensional you!

Copyright: Dreamtime Dream Interpretation – Opening to Your Spiritual Sight Within    Excerpt Chapter 4.

Author: Terri Ullstrup



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